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What advice should you give to a driver who has had a few alcoholic drinks at a party?

 Go home by public transport


What should you do if you begin to feel drowsy while you're driving?

Stop and rest as soon as possible


What should you do if you become tired while you're driving on a motorway?

 Leave the motorway at the next exit and rest


When should you use hazard warning lights?

When your vehicle has broken down and is causing an obstruction


Where would you expect to see these markers? 

 On a large goods vehicle


What's the main hazard shown in this picture? 

The cyclist crossing the road


Which road user has caused a hazard? 

 The parked car (arrowed A)


What should the driver of the car approaching the crossing do?

Slow down and get ready to stop


What should the driver of the red car (arrowed) do?

 Wait for the pedestrian in the road to cross


What should you do as you approach this overhead bridge? 

Be prepared to give way to large vehicles in the middle of the road


What's the main hazard the driver of the red car (arrowed) should be aware of?

he bus may move out into the road


What type of vehicle displays this yellow sign?

A school bus


What does the solid white line at the side of the road indicate?

 Edge of the carriageway


You're driving towards this level crossing. What would be the first warning of an approaching train?

 A steady amber light


You're behind this cyclist. When the traffic lights change, what should you do?

Allow the cyclist time and room


You intend to turn left at the traffic lights. What should you do just before turning?

Check for bicycles on your left


Why should you reduce your speed here? 

A staggered junction is ahead


What might you expect to happen in this situation? 

Traffic will move into the left-hand lane


You're driving on a road with several lanes. What do these signs above the lanes mean? 

The two left lanes are open


You're driving on a one-way street. What should you do if you realise you've taken the wrong route? 

Continue and find another route


You're driving on this dual carriageway. Why may you need to slow down?

There are roadworks ahead of you


What should you do if the vehicle starts reversing off the driveway?

Sound your horn and be prepared to stop


You've just been overtaken by this motorcyclist. What should you do if the rider cuts in sharply?

Keep a safe gap


You want to turn left at this junction. What should you do if your view of the main road is restricted?

Approach slowly and edge out until you can see more clearly


What should you do if it's raining and you're following this lorry on a motorway?

 Be aware of spray reducing your vision


You're driving towards this left-hand bend. What danger should you be anticipating?

 Pedestrians walking towards you


What should you do if the traffic in the left-hand lane is slowing?

 Slow down, keeping a safe separation distance


Why should the junction on the left be kept clear?

 To allow vehicles to enter and emerge


You're invited to a pub lunch. What should you do if you know that you'll have to drive in the evening?

 Don't drink any alcohol at all


What will become more expensive after you've been convicted of driving while unfit through drink or drugs?

 Insurance premiums