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The following are true about the innominate bone except:

a. It is composed of the ilium, ischium and coccyx
b. Highest bone is the ilium
c. Anterior joint is the pubic symphysis
d. Posterior joint is the sacroiliac synchondrosis



The shortest distance is the pelvic cavity is between the:

a. Linea terminalis
b. Ischial tuberosity
c. Ischial spines
d. Sacral promontory and symphysis pubis



Shortest Distance between the sacral promontory and pubic symphysis

a. True conjugate
b. Diagonal conjugate
c. Obstetric conjugate
d. Interspinous diameter



True about pelvic inlet EXCEPT:

a. Bounded posteriorly by promontory and alae of sacrum
b. Bounded anteriorly by horizontal pubic rami and symphysis pubis
c. DC is from upper margin of pubic rami to promontory
d. OC normally measure 10 cm or more



Placing patient in the dorsal lithotomy position during the 2nd stage of labor increase diameter by:

a. Outlet 1.5-2. Cm
b. Midpelvis 2.5-3 Cm
c. Outlet by 3-3.5 Cm
d. Midpelvis 3.5-4 cm



A well curved sacrum assessed during pelvimetry allow for ___ of fetal head

a. Extension
b. Flexion
c. Internal rotation
d. restitution



Internal rotation of the fetal head occurs in the ___ of the gynecoid pelvis, occiput transverse

a. Inlet
b. Midplane
c. Outlet
d. False Pelvis



True about relaxation of the pubic symphysis during pregnancy except

a. Starts during the 1st half of pregnancy
b. Accelerates during the last 3 months
c. Laxity regresses immediately after parturition
d. Returns to normal 1 month postpartum



Which of the following is true regarding the pubic symphysis width:

a. More prominent in primigravids than multigravids
b. Return to normal soon after parturition
c. Permanent change seen in multigravids
d. Permanent change seen in primigravids



Mrs. Cruz presented 38 weeks AOG, complained of blood tinged mucus

a. Labor has already begun
b. Labor will begin in a few days or hours
c. Normal to have a lot of blood
d. It is a normal complaint



Remodeling of uterus occurs during which phase of pregnancy

a. Phase 1
b. Phase 2
c. Phase 3
d. Phase 4



True about vasectomy except

a. Long term consequences are rare
b. Safer than tubal ligation
c. Complete expulsion takes three months
d. Failure rate higher than tubal ligation



The head return to the oblique position during which cardinal movement?

a. Internal rotation
b. Extension
c. External rotation
d. Expulsion



Alternative catecholamine release during painful labor

a. Local infiltration
b. Systemic medication
c. Saddle block
d. Lumbar epidural



What is the best management for a 25 year old G3P3 (3003) who delivered an hour ago, complaining for profuse bleeding? Her labor lasted for 16 hours and characterized by early rupture of membranes, PE and vital signs. Pertinent PE shows an open cervix, flaccid uterus, and no adnexal masses nor tenderness

a. Massage the uterus
b. Apply warm packs
c. Start intravenous fluids
d. Give hematinics



Maternal Component most important for CNS development is:

a. Carbohydrate
b. Proteins
c. Fatty acids
d. Water



Poor milk letdown reflex:

a. Breastfeeding mother with cough and fever
b. Sleeping mother
c. Anxious mother
d. Euthyroid mother



To prevent infant diarrhea

a. Carbohydrates
b. Fats
c. Lactobacilus
d. Water



True statement about COCs except:

a. Increased serum levels of triglycerides
b. Progesterone decreases concentration of LDC
c. Impact on lipids is inconsequential for most women
d. Assessment of lipid levels after starting COCs in women with dyslipidemia



“Above all do no harm”

a. Beneficence
b. Nonmaleficence
c. Autonomy
d. Justice



Hormone responsible for milk production:

a. Progesterone
b. Estrogen
c. Oxytocin
d. Prolactin



Highest percent content of breastmilk

a. Protein
b. Water
c. Carbohydrates
d. Fats