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What type of headache is associated with a sharp pain?



What type of headache is associated with throbbing pain?

More vascular in nature


What type of headache is associated with inside pressure pushing outward?

Throbbing headache (vascular) - could be life threatening


What type of headache is associated with outside inward pressure?

Tension headache - associated with 'hat band' distribution of pain


What could a dull headache be indicative of?



What is a bilateral headache associated with?

Tension headache


What is a unilateral headache associated with?

A migraine or a vascular/life-threatening


T/F: Tension headaches get worse as the day progresses.



What 4 mechanisms are responsible for producing a headache?

1. Spasms of cervical musculature

2. Traction on veins and/or displacement of dural venous sinus

3. Inflammation or pressure by masses upon any of the pain sensitive structures internally or externally to the cranium

4. Traction or distention of arteries at the base of the skill (E.G. VBA)


What are specific characteristics of life-threatening headaches (e.g. Meningitis, subdural hematoma, etc)?

-Acute, severe headache

-Short history of onset

-Positive Valsalvas/Triad of Dejerine

-Exacerbated by recumbency (increases intracranial pressure) and more severe upon wakening but becomes more tolerable during the day


What is the most common type of headache?

Tension headache

**Worsen throughout the day
**Often accompanied by stress


What are the best management strategies for tension headaches?

-Wet heat
-Eliminate caffeine
-Rest with neck in normal cervical curve


What is the most common type of tension headache?

Acute Muscle Contraction Headache

-Aching pain
-Begins in neck and generalizes throughout cranium
-Pain may be relieved by stretching/massage


What are characteristics of a Sub-Acute Muscle Contraction Headache?

aka "Sick headache"

Generalized pain throughout cranium
Prolonged headache that occurs for days
Pain is disabling enough to interrupt daily activities


What are characteristics of a Chronic Muscle Contraction Headache?

Related to physical/emotional trauma
Pain is present at bedtime, may wake patient up
Pain generalized in head, may involve shoulders

Dull ache, outward to inward


What are the basic characteristics of a typical migraine?

-Retro-orbital and/or temporal
-Vascular throbbing/pounding
-May be familial
-Possible warning (aura)
-Onset usually begins in childhood
-Begins upon waking hours


What are characteristics of an atypical migraine?

-Bilateral, with one side more severe
-Dull ache/stabbing pain in or behind eye
-Dull and relentless pain
-Can occur upon waking hours or later in the day


What are characteristics of a cluster migraine?

-Unilateral, orbital area radiating to temple, nose, upper jaw, or neck
-Sudden onset of pain with brief duration
-Stabbing/knife like
-More common in middle aged males
-Occurs frequently during sleep/patient will wake up
-Redness of eye affected, increase in lacrimation, rhinorrhea, stuffiness of nostril


What is another name for a cluster migraine?

Horton's Histaminic Cephalgia


What are characteristics of temporal arteritis?

- 55+
-Unilateral, temporal pain
-Knife-like, shooting, stabbing pain
-Tenderness in scalp
-Exacerbated by combing hair

S/S: Cachexia, malaise/fatigue, muscle ache around affected area


What are the 2 types of Post Concussion Syndrome?

Type 1: MC
-Dull, aching pain
-Entire scalp is involved
-Patient may be anxious
-Described as 'weight' on top of head

Type 2:
-Pain is local to injury site
-Tender zone at point of pain