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Alternative ways of assessing human development

Human welfare- Sharia law, based on fulfilment of necessities
Intervention from gov - Political changes e.g. Bolivia alleviate property = economic growth


Education benefits

- Helps improve human rights
- 60 million children do not attend primary school, 32 million in Saharan Africa


Gender imbalance

Girls make up 54% of non schooled pop
Lack of education = slow social & economic development



Traditional economic measure of development
- Sum of all goods
- Doesn't include informal economy (90% of farmers are individual)


Purchasing Power Parity

Measuring purchasing power of different countries over goods and services (comparison of standard of living)


Human development index

Health, education and living standards, measure social and economic data
- Life expectancy
- Expected schooling years
- Mean schooling years
- Gross national income per capita


Happy planet index

Wellbeing (happiness is subjective)
Life expectancy
Inequality of outcomes
Ecological footprint
Measures happiness and sustainable wellbeing