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What is PPE?

Equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work- gloves, eye protection


What is occupational health?

Promotion and maintenance of the physical, mental and social well-being of workers, preventing departures from health and controlling risk within the workplace


What is bio-safety?

Measures taken to reduce or eliminate exposure of individuals and the environment to potentially hazardous biological agents

Measures taken to prevent the introduction or spread of infectious disease, can be at ward, premises or national level


What is hazardous waste?

Waste harmful to people, the environment or animals, either immediately or over an extended period of time, including cytotoxic chemicals, contaminated sharps and infectious waste


What is the difference between offensive waste and pharmaceutical waste?

Veterinary waste other then sharps that is not hazardous but which is unpleasant and may cause offence to the senses
Pharmaceutical- contains drugs


What waste is put in purple bin bags?

Cytotoxic- hazardous- incineration
Sharp contaminates with cytotoxic medicines- incineration


What waste is put in Yellow bind bags?

Highly infectious- incinerated
Sharpes not contaminated- incinerated


What is put in orange bags?

Infectious waste- treated (autoclaved)
Sharps with blood- treated (autoclaved)


What is put in a yellow/black bin bad and how is it disposed of?

Yellow/black- offensive waste- landfill
Black- domestic- recycling, normal


What legislation applies to health and safety and disposal of rubbish?

Health and safety act 1974
Control of substances hazardous to health 2002
Reporting of injuries, disease and dangerous occurrence regulations 2013


What are the key aspects of a risk assessment?

Identifying hazards and considering the impact and appropriate precautions
Required by law
Identify the hazard
Decide who may be harmed
Evaluate the associated risks
Record significant findings
Review and update