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In performing a PE of a 9 month old infant, which of the following developmental fears would not be appropriate for you to consider?
a) stranger anxiety
b) pain
c) separation from parents
d) bodily harm

d) bodily harm
--> a 9 month old is not capable of such higher-order thinking!


Providing reassurance of "normalcy" during the course of an exam is most impt for which age group?

adolescents...they have heightened concerns regarding body image...they fear that they are abnormal and would be reassured by this behavior


Which of the following would not elevate the pulse of the child?
a) fever
b) anemia
c) hypothyroidism
d) exercise

c) hypothyroidism
--> decreases body metabolism

fever, anemia, exercise: cause increase in body metabolism
--> elevates pulse rate


Why are sleepiness, jaundice, and decreased urine and stool signs that a baby is not receiving sufficient breastmilk?

--decreased intake would cause decreased alertness

--decreased excretion of bilirubin due to decreased urine and stool output


A wide pulse pressure that results from a high systolic BP is usually not due to which of the following?
a) fever
b) exercise
c) excitement
d) a PDA

d) a PDA

pulse pressure = the difference b/t systolic and diastolic BPs (normal is 20-50mm Hg)
--> a wide pulse pressure from high systolic pressure is usually d/t fever, exercise, or excitement
--> a wide pulse pressure from low diastolic pressure is usually d/t PDA, aortic regurgitation, or other serious heart disease


When should chest and HC be equal?

--at 1 yr of age

--> HC is approx. 2 cm larger than chest during the 1st yr of life
--> equal at 1 yr
--> Chest is 5-7cm larger than HC during childhood


Anterior fontanelle usually closes by:

--18 mos


Posterior fontanelle closes by:

--2 mos


Diffuse edema of the soft tissue of the scalp that crosses suture lines in the newborn is:

caput succedaneum

cephalohematoma does NOT cross suture lines!


what is bossing?

fullness of the frontal area


an infant should no longer have a head lag by:

6 mos

--if head lag is present, may indicate neuromuscular d/o; may be 1st sign of cerebral palsy



eye that deviates inward when covered



eye that deviates inward without coverage



eye that deviates outward when covered



eye that deviates outward without coverage