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What guidance did the RICS release on good practice principals for the management of health and safety in RICS regulated firms and for RICS members?

RICS Surveying safely, 2018


What is the structure of RICS Surveying safely, 2018?

1. Personal responsibilities for RICS members and firms
2. Assessing hazards and risks
3. Workplace health and safety
4. Occupational hygiene and health
5. Visiting premises and sites
6. Fire safety
7. Residential property surveying
8. Procurement and management of contractors


According to RICS Surveying safely, 2018, what must all RICS regulated firms ensure they provide?

• Safe working environment
• Safe work equipment
• Safe systems of work
• Competent staff


What is the concept of a ‘safe person’, as outlined in RICS Surveying safely, 2018?

• Each individual assumes individual behavioural responsibility for their own, their colleagues’ and others’ health and safety while at work.

• Seeks to ensure that individuals accept responsibility for their own actions and they have the tools they need to do their job safely


What new guidance was contained in the 2nd edition of RICS Surveying safely?

• Inclusion of advice of mental health and wellbeing
• Introduced the concept of a 'safe person'


What should you consider when undertaking an inspection of a building site?

• Consider precautions and potential hazards/risk assessments
• Sign in an out of building construction site and receive a site induction
• Check dated tag if going on scaffolding
• Wear non-slip sole shoes/boots when going up a ladder


What personal protective equipment (PPE) should a surveyor consider wearing?

High visibility jack, protective footwear, hard hat, protective goggles, gloves and ear defenders


What does you companies Lone Working Procedure say about inspecting sites alone?

• Tell someone where you are going when you leave the office
• Have a "buddy" as someone you will check in with at the end of the day if you aren't returning to the office
• Carry a charged mobile phone and personal alarm
• Have your "escape lines" ready
• Attempt to verify the authenticity of viewers and meet them outside the property/site before entering


What is included in Health & Safety at Work, 1974 (as amended)?

• "Duty to very employer to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees"
• Must report injuries and dangerous occurrences
• Must undertake, record and regularly review a risk assessment
• Detailed Health & Safety information is to be held on site, usually in the Operations & Maintenance Manual


Who polices the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974?

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)


How large does an organisation have to be to carry out a documented health and safety risk assessment?

Firms employing more than 5 staff


What is a hazard in a risk assessment?

Anything that has the potential to cause harm (e.g. a wet floor)


What is a likelihood/probability in a risk assessment?

The risk that someone is harmed (e.g. the risk of fall over on the wet floor)


What are then FIVE steps of a risk assessment?

1. Identify hazards present
2. Identify people at risk from the hazards e.g. employees, contractors, visitors
3. Evaluate the risk, considering the likelihood and severity of any accidents. Existing controls in place should be identified and evaluated
4. Record the findings on a suitable form
5. Review the risk assessment regularly


What is a method statement?

• Document that details the way a work task or process is to be completed
• Outlines the hazards involved and a step by step guide on how to do the job safely
• Details the control measures introduced to ensure the safety of anyone who is affected by the task or process


What FOUR points must be contained within a companies Health & Safety policy?

1. A policy setting out the organisations commitment to Health and Safety
2. Details of the organisation’s Health and Safety structure, with roles and responsibilities for organising Health and Safety
3. A risk assessment setting the risk within the workplace and the preventative measures in place
4. Details of the planning, implementation of the Health and Safety Policy and control measures


The ‘Six Pack’ of Health and Safety Regulations clarify how employers must comply with their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. What are the SIX regulations?

1. Management of Health and Safety at Work
2. Display Screen Equipment
3. Manual Handling Operations
4. Personal Protective Equipment at Work
5. Provision and Use of Work Equipment
6. Workplace Heath, Safety and Welfare


What types of property does the Fire Safety Order 2005 apply to?

Non-domestic property in England & Wales


Under Fire Safety Order 2005, who is the "responsible person"?

The employer or occupier who controls the property, or owner if vacant


What are examples of reasonable fire precautions that can be put in place?

• Fire detection and warning system
• Fire fighting equipment
• Safe exit routes
• Personal emergency evacuation plan
• Emergency lighting
• Signage
• Suitable fire doors


What section of the Building Regulations deals with fire safety?

Part B


What was the Hackitt Review?

• Led by Dame Judith Hackitt, reported in May 2018
• Independent Review of Building Regulation and Fire Safety, called "Building a Safer Future"
• Made over 50 recommendations for changes to ensure a more robust regulatory system


Provide some of the examples of recommendations made under the Hackitt Review?

• Upgrading building standards and guidance
• New regulatory body (a single joint competent authority) to regulate and check fire and structural safety in high rise residential building
• Involving residents in fire safety procedures
• Clear responsibilities for on-going life safety management for buildings


What was banned in September 2018 to improve fire safety?

The use of combustible cladding on residential buildings over 18 metres tall


What are the International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS)?

Provides globally consistent, high-level principles for fire safety in the design, construction and management of building


What action did the RICS take following the Grenfell Tower fire?

• Produce an impartial Fire Safety Guide to highlight the responsibilities of landlords and tenants in keeping their properties safe
• Worked with other bodies to provide advice and support to the Government
• Advised members of the importance of owners, landlords and managers having robust fire assessments for their properties
• Issued guidance on existing high-rise buildings fire safety in October 2017
• Provided the government with evidence to assess the effectiveness of the Fire Safety Order 2005


How long does someone have to be incapacitated for to be required to report it under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995 (RIDDOR)?

7 days incapacitation


How quickly do injuries need to be reported to the HSE under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995 (RIDDOR)?

15 days from the date of the accident


How serious does an injury need to be in order for an employer to have to keep a record of it under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995 (RIDDOR)?

3-day plus injuries must be recorded in an accident book


How long must the accident book be kept after an occupational accident or injury?

Minimum of 3 years