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What are factors affecting health workforce demand?

Demographic change
The economy
ACA, health insurance coverage expansions
Population health
Health care system change
Science and technological change
State and federal policy


Factors affecting health workforce supply?

Higher education programs and capacity
K-12 education pipeline
Health professions licensing and regulation
State policy and budget – esp. funding for higher education health education programs and undergraduate medical education (UME)
Federal policy – esp. support for health workforce education/training and graduate medical education (GME)


T/F Steady growth in the number of licensed health professionals
“Treading water” in the number of licensed health professionals per capita



T/F #s of RNs is successfully increasing



Good thing about medical specialty in NV?

lots of internal med docs
32nd choice


T/F Lots of orthopedic surgeons in Carson City.



What are some upcoming initiatives to address this issue?

Nevada Rural and Frontier Health Data Book – Seventh Edition (February 2015)

The Contribution of the University of Nevada School of Medicine to the Nevada Economy (April 2015)

Health Workforce in Nevada – 2015 Edition (May 2015)

Nevada Residency and Fellowship Training Outcomes, 2006 to 2015 – Key Findings from the Annual UNSOM Graduate Medical Education Exit Survey (July 2015)
Health Career Careers in Nevada – 2016-2017 Edition (December 2015)