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What is the difference between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss?

sensorineural involves the inner ear, cochlea, or auditory nerve

Conductive = any cause that limits external sound into the inner ear.


Outer ear causes of hearing loss?
-systemic dz

-Microtia; absence of malformation of auricle

Infection: otitis externa

Trauma: penetrating trauma to EAC

Tumor: MC tumor of EAC is squamous cell carcinoma, benign growths such as exostosis and osteoma

systemic dz: DM or other immunocompromised state

cerumen: Q tips


Middle ear causes of hearing loss
-ET dysfunction

congenital: malformation or fixation of ossicles

ET: viral upper resp tract infection or sinusitis and allergies

Infection: otitis media

Tumor: cholesteatoma

Otosclerosis: bony overgrowth of the footplate of the stapes.

Trauma: TM perforation or barotrauma


Inner ear causes of hearing loss
-meniere dz
-tumor ototoxic substances

congenital: nonhereditary= insult to developing cochlea, viral infection CMV, hepatitis, rubella, toxoplasmosis, HIV, and syphilis

hereditary: autosomal recessive (Mondini)

Presybycusis: MC cause of hearing loss WORLDWIDE!!!

Infection: MC in adults is viral cochleitis, MC in children is meningitis

Meniere dz

Trauma: skull fx

Tumors: acoustic neuroma

Ototoxic substance: abx = aminoglycosides, erythromycin, tetracycline. & chemo = cisplatin


Sx of hearing loss?

-unilateral/bilateral hearing deficit
-difficulty understanding speech, conversations, TV/Radio
-social withdrawl


Conductive Hearing Loss tx:

Congenital: surgery if possible, bone conduction hearing aid

Infection: abx

Trauma: surgery

Otosclerosis: surgery to replace immobile stapes with mobile prosthesis or hearing aid


Sensorineural hearing loss Tx:

Trauma: corticosteroids

Viral: corticosteroids

Menieres dz: low Na diet, diuretics, corticosteroids

Tumors: surgery or radiation

Irreversible: hearing aids, cochlear implants