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what are the properties of a solid?

strong intermolecular bonds

tight spacing, a regular arrangement and a rigid structure

vibrates in a fixed position

low KE, high PE


what are the properties of a liquid?

weak intermolecular bonds

more movement and vibration

can pass eachother

more KE then a solid, less PE


what are the properties of a gas?

large amounts of space

particles move randomly

no bonding

high KE, low PE


conduction key points

works best in solids

happens faster in a metal because there are delocalised electrons

gasses are good insulators

solids that trap gasses are the best insulators


conevection key points

warm water displaces cold water because it is less dense, vice versa

in a fridge:
-air near cooling element is warm but cools
-becomes less dense and sinks


condensation key points

energy is transferred from gas to surface, KE decreases and bonds form, PE increases

reduce condensation by warming the surface that it reaches


evaporation key points

particles with most energy rise

particles near surface have enough energy to break bonds and evaporate


what are the factors that affect evaporation?

heat - more particles have sufficient energy to break bonds

SA - more particles at surface

movement of air - area becomes saturated with particles, air moves particles from surface


why does an evaporating liquid cool?

highest energy particles evaporate

average KE of particles decreases


specific heat capacity

amount of energy required to change 1kg of a substance by 1°c

the unites a J/kg°c