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Some people say that heat transfer always occurs from “where it is to where it ain’t.” What does this really mean?

The heat will move and cold air won’t; heat transfer occurs from places where there is a higher temperature to places where there is a lower temperature


Some things slow down the rate of heat transfer. Can you name some?

Wool and Paper


Which is better at slowing down the rate of heat transfer, a wool sock or a cotton sock?



Could there be any sources of error measuring the can temperatures? How could we find out?

While measuring it, heat could get in


Why do people wear wool in the winter, and cotton in the summer?

Cotton is thin and lets heat travel through it easily while cotton is thicker and its fibers are different, this helps it traps heat in and keep them warm


What does heat transfer have to do with penguins?

Because the penguins are adapted to cold environments and their and homes need to stay cool


Why do you think the silver spoon made the ice melt more quickly?

the heat transfers from your hand to the spoon to the ice cube


Would a penguin shaped ice cube last longer sitting on a metal surface or a plastic surface? Why?

Plastic, because it would transfer less heat energy to it


If you had a more powerful microscope, what do you think you would see when heat transfers from your hand to the ice cube?

All of the heat rushing to the ice cube


If heat is not a substance or fluid, as people used to think, what is it?

energy; can circulate in any direction


Why do dark colors (dark cars, parking lots, roofs) get so hot in the sun? Why do light colors (light cars, sidewalks, roofs) stay cooler in the sun?

Black colors absorb more heat while light colors absorb less and thus stay cooler


How does the heat get from the sun to Earth?

Radiation waves


Does the Earth reflect radiation? If so, which parts reflect the most radiation?

The Earth reflects it a little bit, the part that would reflect the most would probably bet the oceans/lakes, because water has some reflective properties


On a hot day, the upstairs rooms in a house are usually hotter than the downstairs rooms.

Warm air rises and cool air sinks.


In a swimming pool, the water near the surface is slightly warmer. The warm water rises because of



A student holds the back of his hand near an iron to see if it is hot. Heat is transferred to his hand by ________________.



Why do we wear sweaters in cold weather?

To reduce heat loss.


A house burns down. On the house across the street, all of the vinyl siding is twisted and warped by the heat. The heat was transferred across the street by _________________.



Scientifically, the most accurate definition of the temperature of a substance is

measure of average kinetic energy of the molecules in that substance


The metal skewer gets so hot that you drop your marshmallow in the campfire because of



If you put a metal spoon and a wooden spoon into a pot of boiling water, one will become too hot to touch. Why?

Metals conduct heat better than wood.


You pick up a can of soda off of the countertop. The countertop underneath the can feels colder than the rest of the counter. Which explanation do you think is the best?

Some heat has been transferred from the counter to the soda.


You have a can of soda in your lunchbox that you want to keep cold. Which material will work best to keep it cold?

Your wool sweater wrapped around the soda because wool traps air.


An aluminum plate and a plastic plate have been in the freezer all night long. When you remove them the next morning,

The plastic plate has a higher temperature.


When a metal spoon with a temperature of 20°C is placed into a cup of water with a temperature of 90°C the spoon will heat up. This is an example of:



On a warm sunny day, you will feel cooler wearing light colored clothes because they

reflect more radiation.


During a house fire, the smoke and flames rise up, but the air near the floor is cooler and less smoky. This is an example of:



Why does hot air rise?

Cooler air sinks due to gravity/denser molecules