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In a typical "Romanovsky" blood stain, methlyene blue binds selectively to



In a Romonovsky stain, what does Azure b bind to and what color does it stain?

'Azure B binds to DNA and gycosaminoglycans and stains nuclei purple.


What is the site of development for erythrocytes and granulocytes in healthy adult?

Bone Marrow


All blood cells can trace thier origin back to a common...

Blast, the precursor cell


What color does the cytoplasm of a blast stain with methylene blue and why?

It stains a more heavenly blue because of the richness of cytoplasmic RNA


How does a neutrophilic promyelocyte differ from a blast? What is the nucleocytoplasmic ration in a typical blast?

The neutrophilic promyelocyte has azurophilic granules though it is the same size as a blast. The blast has a high nucleocytoplasmic ratio.


Neutrophilic promyelocytes are expected to be located in...

the Bone Marrow (along with N. myelocytes and N. metamyolecytes)


When does specific granule formation begin in the neutrophil development stage? what is the function of the azurophilic granules?

N. Promyelocyte . They are primary lysosomes containing hydrolytic enzymes.


Can neutrophilic metamyelocytes further divide?



The percentage of waht molecule in the peripheral blood is used as an indicator of the rate of neutrophil production?

Neutrophilic Bands


What is the interactive structural unit nurtures stem cells and facilitates their activity?

Hematopoeitic stem cell niche.

The interactive structural unit of the onsists of localized supporting cells, ECM proteins, and soluble factors derived from supporting cells.


Describe the cytoplasm of the basophilic erythroblast.

It is intensely basophilic- navy blue due to a large increase of free ribosomes and the preparation to produce the globin part of Hemoglobin.


What is a reticulocyte and how does it differ from a reticular cell?

A reticulocyte is a premature erythrocyte that has an expelled nucleus with a number of polyribosomes that can be observed when treated with brilliant cresyl blue.

Reticular cells can be seen in an erythroblastic island. They phagocytosize extruded nuclei and may have a trophic role in RBC maturation.


Should you expect to see a normoblast in the peripheral blood of a healthy patient?



What hormone stimulates the production of erythrocytes in the bone marrow? Where is this hormone produced?

Erythropoietin, a glycoprotein hormone is produced in the kidney cortex. It is stimulated by hypoxia.


Where are megakaryotes often found in the bone marrow?

The sinuses where they release platelets into the sinusoids.