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State the 5 key threats to Henrys security

Lovell and the Staffords 1486, Lambet Simnel 1486-7, Yorkshire rising 1489, Perkin Warbeck 1491-9 , Cornwall 1497


What were the causes of the Lovell and Stafford's threat + How Henry dealt with it

Lovell was firm supported of Richard3rd at Bosworth + opportunity presented itself whilst Henry was on a progress to the North.
- Lovell and Stafford brothers(thomas+humphrey) broke sanctuary, Lovell planned to waylay Staffords to raise a rebellion however surprisingly lacked enthusiasm.
- It was easily dealt with by Henry after he heard ot fit and sent force to offer pardons to disperse the rebles . They all fled, Lovel went abroad and Staffords were imprisoned. Humphrey was executed but Thomas eventually pardoned and remained a loyal supporter of Henry.


What was the cause and plan of the Lambet Simnel plot?

Yorkists didn't want Henry on throne and realised ,after failure of Lovell, they needed change of strategy to be successful. They needed a;
- Figurehead who would claim to be a Yorkist prince(Simnel claimed to be Earl of Warwix who was imprisoned in tower) after rumours circulated he'd escaped and fact no one had seen him made plan more believable.
- And Financial support to generate a significant military threat to Henry.


Describe how Lambet Simnel plot developed

Margaret of Burgundy and Earl of Lincon were the key conspirators behind the plot and Lambent was pawn. He travelled to Ireland were he was proclaimed King Edward the 6th by Irish leaders in Dublin Cathedral who believed he was genuinely the Earl of Warwick.
Margaret sent huge finances and 2000 German soldiers. Earl of Lincon fled to Ireland to join the rebels in May and army of 8000 invaded the Lancastrian soulth receiving far less support than they'd hoped for.


How did Henry deal with the Lambet Simnel threat?

Henry became aware of plot and exhibited the real Earl of Warwick in tower of london deceasing support for simnel. He reinstated Duke of Northumberland to control the North and The Battle of Stroke took place where two armies met at East stroke but Henry lacked confidence remembering how Richard3rd double crossed him at Bosworth however his army led effectively.
Henry offered pardons to local Yorkists(who were likely caught up in revolt) and Simnel was made a kitchen boy. The 29 other Nobles who fought against him at Stroke were attained as traitors + had all land, titles and finances stripped off them and made Henrys.


Overall , How much of a threat was the Lambet Simnel plot against Henry?

- The plot was very early on in Henrys reign in 1486 thus Henry was new, unestablished and vulnerable.
- Unlike the Lovell rebellion Simnel plan was detailed and well calculated with meticulous plan involving clear figurehead and resources such as finances and men from Margaret Burgundy and Earl of Lincoln.
- 8000 is significant number considering Henry won at Bosworth with just 5000.
- Simnel gained huge support in Ireland which was Yorkist stronghold and launchpad for pretenders so much he was crowned.
- Henry had real Earl of Warwick in tower and exhibited him
- He had strong loyal base despite how early plot was
- Lincon received far less support than he hoped for and overall was defeated and killed in battle due to this.


What were the causes/ how did Perkin Warbeck imposture come about?

Warbeck was cloth trader and persistent irritant to Henry for period of 8 years where he claimed to be Richard Duke of York yorkist claimant. If his actions were confined to England hed likely been dismissed as deluded pest however when started attracting patronage from other foreign rullers it transformed him from irritant to potential serious threat to Henry.
- 1491 he began impersonating RDOY in Ireland but forced to flee to France and court of Margaret Burgundy where he was trained as potential yorkist prince + began drawing English courtiers in on his conspiracy.
- After battle of stroke his first attempt to land in England in 1495 failed as Henryd been informed and he was defeated and fled to Scottland to James V1 court.


How did Henry deal with Perkin Warbeck?

Warbeck interested quickly sacrificed when James accepted Henrys marriage proposal and alliance and he was eventually forced to surrender.
Henry was remarkably lenient at fist allowing im to stay at court but eventually confined him after attempting to escape w Earl of Warwick and they were both executed.


Overall how server of a threat did Perkin W pose to Henry?

- It would be huge mistake to write PW off simply cause it failed. It could have proven very costly for Henry as conspirators had an accomplice within Henrys OWN household, his step uncle Sir William Stanley who ws a traitor. He was Lord Chamberlin of his household so conspiracy revealed how vulnerable herny was in the one pace he should have been most secure!
- However it was highly convenient as Warbeck's final attempt to flee allowed him to execute 2 yorkist claimants especially Earl of Warwick which overall actually gave him more security by eliminating a threat.


What were the causes of the Northern Yorkshire rising?

There was discontent over inflammatory pressures due to bad harvests year before but was sparked by resentment of taxation (extraordinary revenue)granted by parliment in 1489 to finance Brittany.


How did the Northen Yorkshire develop and how Henry dealt with it?

The rebles murdered the Earl of Northumberland and was a victim of resentment of taxation.
Henry sent army to the North to deal w rebles.


Whaat was the cause of the Cornish rebellion? and how did it develop?

Sparked by demand for extraordinary reveue to finance far away military campaign .


How much of a threat did the Cornish rebellion pose?

The rebellion posed great threat to Henry and stability due to sheer number of people involoved around 15,000 and fact rebbles marched on london and made it very close to Henry in attempt to present there discontent.


How did Henry deal with the Cornish rebellion?

It created huge problem for H, to ensure effective suppression he needed to withdraw Lord Daubery and troops from Scottish boarder to defend against rebel. In end it was successfully crushed easily enough.
The rebel leader and lord Audly were executed but Henry only punished the leaders and bulk of rebels were treated leniently.