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All requests for digital examination must be accompanied by a formal request on a ________ that can be downloaded from the ___________.

CFI Unit request form
CFI Unit website


All digital media seized or obtained for examination must be accompanied by a ___________ or a ___________ (to include affidavit).

written consent form
search warrant (to include affidavit)


Verbal consent must be documented on an ____________ or via ___________ from the witnessing investigator to the ________ clearly stating the name of the individual who provided verbal consent and their relationship to the device.

Intradepartmental Correspondence (P-0004)
via departmental email
CFI Unit sergeant


____________ must be provided before any digital examination search is conducted.

Written documentation


It is important to note that consent to access a mobile device is not valid if the ____________ is not provided.

device’s passcode


All digital media brought to the CFI Unit must have been previously submitted to the ____________ and assigned a _____________.

Property & Evidence Facility
property control number


Items that do not have a _____________ will not be accepted. This may not apply in situations where ____________ are present.

property control number
exigent circumstances


CFI Unit personnel will not retrieve or deliver the property to and/or from the ____________.

Property & Evidence Facility


Evidence delivery is the responsibility of the submitting/requesting ___________.

officer / detective