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A pt can have a sip of water or liquid pre-med how soon before surgery?

1 hour


What size is a good emergency LMA and why?

Size 4 LMA because it should fit most people and an ETT can fit through it for intubation


ASA Classifications

  • Class I- normal, healthy patient with no systemic disease
  • Class II- mild to moderate systemic disease, well controlled, with no functional limitation
  • Class III- moderate to severe systemic disease with functional limitation
  • Class IV- Severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life
  • Class V- Moribund patient who is not expected to survive with or without the surgical procedure
  • Class VI- brain-dead patient whose organs are being procured for donation
  • E- emergency operation required


NPO Guidelines

  • 1 hour- small sip of water or liquid medication
  • 2 hours- clear liquids
  • 4 hours- breast milk
  • 6 hours- light meal
  • 8 hours- heavy meal No candy or gum after MN Remember that these may change depending on your pt condition (ex healthy vs obese)


Standard monitors: Standard 1

Qualified anesthesia personnel shall be present in the room throughout the conduct of all

  • general, regional, and MAC cases


Standard monitors: Standard 2

During all anesthetics: must monitor continuously the patient's:

  • oxygenation
  • ventilation
  • circulation
  • temperature


How do we monitor oxygenation?

  • O2 analyzer for inspired gases
  • Pulse-ox
  • Observation of the patient (pallor/cyanosis)


How do we monitor ventilation?

  • EtCO2 
  • Breath sounds
  • Observation of the patient and reservoir bag


How do we monitor circulation?

  1. Continuous EKG HR and BP Q5min (no?)
  2. Pulses
  3. Heart sounds
  4. Pulse plethysmography
  5. Pulse oximetry
  6. A-line tracing


According to the AANA, should care-plans be written for unexpected add-on cases?

Yes, they should be written after the procedure.


Learn the difficult algorithm, you bastard.

Fucking do it.