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The discovery of gold in California in 1848 and resulting statehood in 1850 changed
the political landscape of the United States primarily because

There was a temporary resolution to the Freestate/slave state controversy


The central valley

Associated with San Joaquin Valley the most productive agricultural area in California and extends inland from Bakersfield to Fresno


The Indus River

The earliest Indian civilization the Harappa culture developed around the Indus River Valley and 2500 BC.


"Manifest destiny"

Slogan that the belief that the United States was ordained by God as a great nation and therefore was justified in expanding territorially from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific ocean.


Athens is credited with establishing

The worlds first democracy. And developing democratic institutions


The transcontinental railroad

Completed in 1869 in Utah connected the east in the west coast of the United States by rail and revolutionize the settlement of the west.

Transformed California


Juan Cabrillo

First European to reach coastal California


What way did geographic factors have an important influence on the development of Inca civilization between the 11th and 15th centuries?

The mountains of western South America were an impediment to building an empire, prompting the development of sophisticated engineering technologies


Vasco de Gama

First European to reach India by sea


Muslims contributions to institutions

Hospitals, medical schools, libraries, universities


France's original colonial power region

Controlled the Mississippi River region, the Louisiana territory, the Great Lakes, and Canada


Positive result of the war of 1812

The new nation gained international respect as a country


Executive branch of government

President. Is responsible for enforcing the laws


Muslim contributions to agriculture

Cash crops, crop rotation, irrigation


Battle of Gettysburg

July 1–3 1863 Took place in a small Pennsylvania town, Union victory.
Union general Meade defeated Confederate General Lee and prevented Lee's second invasion of the north


Passage of the civil rights legislation in California

Hiram Johnson as the governor of California the progressive movement failed to achieve this reform

Hiram Johnson was elected governor of California 1910


The Catholic Church most influence which developments in medieval Europe

They emergence of universities


What power does the governor of California possess but the president of the US does not possess?

Power to veto specific sections of us spending bill


The Roman empire's "breadbasket"

North Africa specifically Egypt. As the empire expanded Rome wasn't able to provide sufficient grain from the Italian peninsula to feed of the population at home and the military army abroad. Imported grain became a necessity


"Gift of the Nile"

What Egypt is referred to as, because of its history, culture, and religious beliefs are so closely tied to the river


Bear flag revolt

In 1846 resulted in California settlers declaring their independence from Mexico and a bloodless coup after capturing Mexican general Mariano Vallejo in Sonoma California


Who were the Big Four?

Leland Stanford governor of California and president of the Central Pacific.

Collis Huntington financier of the project and vice President of the railroad.

Charles Crocker director of the railroad

Mark Hopkins financier and coordinator of the project


Term limit for California Supreme Court justices

12 years



The Boston massacre


Was a military state in ancient Greece



The invention of barbed wire

Invention that had the most revolutionary impact on economic development of the American west during the 19th century


The leading thinkers of the 18th century Enlightenment supported

Liberal, humanitarian, and scientific trends of thought


Four groups of the caste system

Priests and teachers

Rulers and Warriors

Merchants and artisans

Peasants and servants which was the lowest caste


What best describes the primary purpose for establishing the mission system?

To maintain a self-sufficient agriculture economy that produced of food surplus. The mission system in California it was originally intended to be temporary


The McCormick reaper

Invented in 1831 made the Midwest the "bread basket" of the United States. Made it possible to for farmers to increase crop yields, reduce costs, and expand acreage.