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What is the feudal system?

The feudal system is the system that was in place to differentiate people in society.


What is the order of the feudal system?

The king
The barons
The knights
The peasants


Why was the church so powerful?

Because it literally controlled everything. All holidays came from the church. Everyone was a Christian and everyone believed in God.


How did land make it powerful?

The church had a lot of land and land meant money.


How did law make it powerful?

The church had its own law court for people who had committed religious crimes. They treated priests and bishops better than peasants though.


How did finances make it powerful?

The church got money from the tithes, because everyone had to pay it. The priest also got payment at marriage ceremonies and funerals.


How everyday life make it powerful?

The church had to care for the poor and weak. And they were basically in charge of most things in some areas maybe even above the king. The only way to heaven was through the church.


What were some of the reasons that people build castles?

To show wealth and for protection.


What is a motte and bailey castle?

They were made out of wood and set on a hill where there was a little tiny. I’ll age in front of the “castle”.


What is a stone keep?

A stone keep is a stone castle. They are stronger than the motte and bailey and more sustainable.


What are siege engines?

They are things used to arrack castles.


Name some siege engines and tactics.

A catapult,a trebuchet(basically the same but more powerful and has a basket, ballista big crossbow,battering rams,siege towers,the mantlet a wooden wall used for defense, the scaling ladder and undermining the castle digging a tunnel then setting it on fire to bring down the foundation or fill 8n the most of ditch.


How do you become a knight?

Look at book collage


What land belongs to the knights?



What land belongs to the barons and bishops?



What land belongs to the king?

The royal hunts and the royal courts.