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1933- LON

Hitler leaves the League of Nations


1935- Saar plebiscite...

As planned in the Treaty of Versailles, the people of Saar (which had been given to France for 15 years) vote to return to Germany.


1935- Rearmament

Hitler increases the size of the German army to half a million members. Britain, France and Italy do nothing.


1935- Anglo-German Naval Treaty

Britain helps Germany break the Treaty of Versailles by signing an agreement to allow Germany a navy one-third of the size of Britain's.


1936- Guernica

Hitler tests his armed forces when German bombers, which are helping the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War, bomb the Spanish town of Guernica. Civilians in Britain and France are frightened.


1938- The Sudetenland...

Hitler bullies France and Britain into giving him the Sudetenland.


1937- Anti-Comintern Pact

Alliance of Germany, Japan and Italy against communism


1939- Czechoslovakia

Hitler invades Czechoslovakia and takes control.


1939- Poland

Hitler invades Poland and provokes the Second World War.