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What was the impact of the Great Depression on Hitlers rise to power?

The Great Depression created the context in which the Extremist parties (The Nazis) could gain support. They were able to give solutions to the Nazis deficit.


Name examples of Nazi propaganda



What was radio propaganda

Hitlers minister of propaganda Goebbles thought this was the best way to get across the Nazi message.
Radio was more accessible because you could listen at home, not having to go buy a newspaper etc.
The Nazis gave out radios which could only listen to Nazi stations, which had plays and songs praising Hitler, subliminally preaching the Nazi messages and ideologies. (Anti-semitism, Homophobia, Against communists.)
People who cannot read can understand Hitlers message.


What was film propaganda

This was used to show hitler in the most positive light possible.


What was poster propaganda

Posters were easy to distribute and were cheap to make.
You could place in the most prominent parts of town eg. Town Hall
They are more pictured than books newspapers etc. People who are lower class who may not be able to read may understand Hitlers ideas through image.


How did Hitler come to power?

4 elections are held in Germany. 2 to decide Germanys president and two to elect a parliament. The Nazis took part in all of the elections. They lost in all of these. By January 1933 his party had become the largest in Reichstag. The then president Hindenburg thought he and some others (Von Papen- the German Chancellor previous to Hitler) would be able to control and outnumber the Nazis and Hitler himself, 11 to 3. This proved unsuccessful.


What role did Von Papen become

Hitlers Vice Chancellor