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What types of cells do you see in Hodgkin lymphoma?

"Owl's eye" cells! = Reed Sternberg cells
-Malignant cells in Hodgkin lymphoma are few and far between - cells in the background are NOT malignant


What Lymphoma is better to have?

Hodgkin Lymphoma!


What things MUST you know about Hodgkin lymphoma?

-Younger patients, good prognosis
-Contiguous spread (stars in one place and follows linearly to another - along tissue planes or in local blood areas)
-Five subtypes (don't matter for prognosis!)
-Reed-Sternberg cell
-Peaks in 20s and Later 50s


What does a lymph node look like in Hodgkin lymphoma?

-Has fish-flesh, like non-hodgkin
-Not SUPER firm like metastatic cancer would be


What does the liver and spleen look like in Hodgkin lymphoma?

-Have larger nodules (may be as little as one or two great big ones!)
-Otherwise, red and fleshy


What cell MUST you remember for Hodgkin lymphoma??

-Two nucleoli - almost as big as the lymphocyte next to it!


What can hodgkin malignant cells look like?

-Can be Reed Sternberg variants, can't have more than two nuclei and odd shapes


What is a tumor made up of in Hodgkin lymphoma?

-Reed sternberg cells are the malignant cells and all other cells are benign cells making up the bulk of the tumor
-Reed sternberg cells send out cytokine and call in the rest of the cells to the tumor area
-Background cells are a mixture!


What are the Hodgkin Lymphoma subtypes?

1. Nodular Lymphocyte-predominance Hodgkin lymphoma
2. Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma
a. Nodular sclerosis
b. Lymphocyte rich
c. Mixed cellularity
d. Lymphocyte depletion


What is Nodular L-P (lymphocyte-predominance) hodgkin lymphoma?

-Asymptomatic young male with cervical lymphadenopathy
-Good prognosis (early stage)
-B-cell origin
-Popcorn cells (reed sternberg in popcorn shape - background is all lymphocytes)


What is Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin Lymphoma?

-Most common subtype
-Good prognosis (early stage)
-Lacunar cells = variant of Reed Sternberg cells - look like they're sitting in a little space/gap


What is Mixed Cellularity Hodgkin Lymphoma?

-Worse prognosis
-Usually disseminated at presentation
-Classic Reed-Sternberg cells
-Mixture of background cells (eosinophils, histiocytes)


What is Lymphocyte-Rich Hodgkin Lymphoma?

-Usually localized at presentation
-Popcorn cells (less white space around it)


What is Lymphocyte Depletion Hodgkin Lymphoma?

-Often disseminated at presentation
-Classic Reed-Sternberg cells
-Collagen or reticulin background
-Rare lymphocytes


What is the treatment and prognosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma?

-Surgery, chemo, radiation
-Prognosis depends on stage
-Danger: second malignancies