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Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine that can be recognised as?
1) a lateral S shaped curvature of the spine
2) a humped area at the top of the spine
3) An inward curve of the lumbar region of the spine
4) an outward curve of the lumbar region of the spine

1) A lateral S shaped curvature of the spine


Dermatitus is a non infectious condition of the skin caused by contact with an irritant.
1) True
2) False



A feeling of well being created by a hot stone massage is classed at what kind of benefit?



What is Kyphosis?

An outward curve of the thoracic region creating a hump at the top.


What is Lordosis?

an anterior curve of the lumbar region


Which of the following is an effect of cold stones?
1) calming of the sensory nerves
2) stimulating and toning
3) vasodilation of the capillaries
4) softens and relaxes the muscles

2) stimulating and toning


Which of the following would restrict a hot stone massage?
1) Impetigo
2) scar tissue under 6 months old
3) an elderly client with fragile bones
4) Tinea corporis

2) scar tissue
3) an elderly client with fragile bones


Stone massage for men can usually be deeper due to the amount of muscle tissue.
1) True
2) False

1) True


An expected contra-action to stone therapy is erythema which is caused by what?



A dark, smooth and dense volcanic rock used for hot stone massage is called?
1) Marble
2) Marine
3) Basalt
4) Precious stones

3) basalt


Which of the ethnic skin ages slower and has a thicker epidermis?
1) Caucasian
2) African Caribbean
3) Asian

2) African Caribbean


Which of the following is best suited and frequently used for cold stone therapy?
1) marble
2) precious stones
3) basalt
4) Marine

1) Marble


Thrombosis can be describe as a raised varicose vein?
1) True
2) False

2) False


What is a physical effect?

What you can see


What is a psychological effect?

In your mind, how you feel.


What is a physiological effect?

What happens in the body.


The alternate application of hot and cold stones has which of following effects?
1) decongesting
2) relaxing
3) calms sensory nerves

1) Decongesting