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The information contained in a job specification for a hot water installation should include

Detailed plans and drawings showing the layout and pipe sizes of the system


Which one of the following provides the legal requirements for the installation of hot water distribution pipework

Water regulations


In order to isolate the hot water supply from the hot water storage vessel to the taps, a service valve should be located on the

Cold feed


A plumber suspects an electrical fault on a supply to an immersion heater, the first action the plumber should take is to

Safely isolate the circuit


Which one of the following electrical devices is often fitted to a hot water storage vessel fed by a fully pumped heating system, to provide back up in the event of a boiler breakdown

Immersion heater


When installing a new hot water system in a domestic property, which type of system is likely to require the most pipe work and fittings

Double feed indirect system


The main reason for installing a secondary circulation supply, to hot water draw off taps is

To prevent the possibility of dead legs


A service valve should be fitted on the pipework for an instantaneous electric water heater

As close as possible to the water heater inlet


Purpose of a full way gate valve is to

Isolate the cold supply to the hot water storage cylinder


The purpose of a double check valve on a mains fed shower is to

Prevent backflow


The correct method of isolating a water jacketed tube heater from the cold water supple pipe is to use a

Fullway gate valve


The purpose of allowing standing time when carrying out hydraulic tests on hot water systems is to allow the

Plumber to check for water leaks


The most efficient way of isolating and draining the hot water supply to a bath tap is to turn off the service valve to the

Cold water distribution pipe and drain through the bath tap


A plumber needs to turn off the hot water supply to an office block canteen. Who is the most appropriate to advise first?

The occupants


A record of permanent decommissioning is required for

Work in industrial / commercial premises


A common cause of air locks in the supply from a cold water storage cistern to a hot water storage vessel is due to the

Horizontal distribution pipework rising from the cold water storage cistern


A magnesium rod may be placed in a domestic hot water storage cylinder to prevent



Most likely cause of discoloured water at hot water draw off taps in a double feed indirect hot water system is due to the

Pump being set too high and breaching the air lock on the inner heat exchanger


Maintenance schedules for hot water systems would be used

Following the disinfection of a hot water system in a factory


The minimum distance between the water level and the invert level of the warning pipe in a feed and expansion cistern is



When a hot water pillar tap is opened, water appears from beneath the hand wheel. This problem can be rectified by

Repacking the gland


The live connection to an immersion heater is connected using a wire coloured



Which one of the following electrical safety precautions should be observed, when removing a section of metal pipe in a hot water system

Apply temporary continuity bonding to the pipe