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Play a clip from the beginning



Play a clip full-screen



Loop playback to replay a clip continuously



Play a selected chunk of film



Highlight all filmstrips



Highlight random clips



Remove a clip from a selection



Highlight consecutive clips

Click on the first clip to highlight it, then shift-click on the last clip to highlight it and all clips between it and the first one.


Select almost all clips in a window

Command-A, the command-click to remove clips you don't want to select. May be faster than command-clicking all the clips you want.


How to change the size of a selection by selecting more or less film.

Select the vertical borders that mark the beginning and end of the selection and drag them. OR, shift-click a spot in the filmstrip and the closest border jumps to that spot of the clip.


Play a selected portion of clip only

Select a portion, then / to play and / again to stop playback.


How to do frame-precise editing

Zoom in using the zoom-slider at the upper-right corner of the storyboard. At maximum size, each Fran represents half a second of video. Dragging the selection border slowly, the film will playback individual frames.


Deselect a clip

-click anywhere in the background
-choose edit -> deselect all
- press shift-command-a


How to select all the things of one type in a project (ie, video clips, transitions, maps, etc).

Edit -> select in Movie -> select desired element.

Note: does not have an option to select all titles or audio tracks. These can only be selected individually.


Add a clip to the end of the clips already in the story board (adding clips in chronological, sequential order)

-Press e
-click the "Add selection" button (shown in the bottom right corner of a selected clip when you hover over the selection with the cursor.)


Add so many seconds of footage

Click a clip in event browser, select a spot, then click the add button. To adjust the length of footage that this command adds:
Window->Movie Properties->Settings
And adjust the clip slider


Insert video in the middle of your movie

Drag a selected clip into the storyboard and release the mouse when the blue shaded box (the preview of your insertion point) is in the desired location.


Insert a clip in the middle of another clip

Drop a clip on top of another and select insert from the resulting floating menu. The existing clip is split into two pieces and the selected clip drops between them.


To replace a clip with a different one of the same length

Drag a clip onto an existing clip and, from the floating menu that appears, choose "Replace From Start".The selected clip is shortened to the same length as the existing clip, or footage is added onto the end, if footage is available, to make it the same duration. "Replace from end" will add or subtract footage to the beginning of your selected clip instead of the end to match the duration of the existing clip.


To replace a clip with one of a different duration

Drag a clip onto another then select "Replace" from the floating menu.


To select a clip of footage that has already been used in a project

Double-click the orange stripe at the bottom of the clip which shows that a clip has already been used.


To playback a clip any place in either the event browser or storyboard

Point at the location in the clip you want to start at and press space at to start playback at that point and space bar again to stop playback


How to shift focus to the storyboard

Hide libraries list, adjust the viewer to switch the storyboard back to the bottom of the iMovie window


Playback a selection

Select some footage (command-click for multiple clips) then press / to play back the selected clips from the beginning. Press / again to stop playback.


Select part of a clip in the storyboard

Click and hold a spot on the clip, and drag the mouse to select a range of footage after the cursor changes to a selection tool with two arrows.


While storyboard playback

\ to play, and \ again to stop.


Stopping playback of any clip, group of clips, or the entire storyboard

Space bar


When playing a clip full-screen, to start from the beginning again.

Click the "play selection" button from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.


How to start and stop playback when in full-screen mode

-Space bar
-click the play button in the navigation menu.
-drag the diamond shaped slider backwards
-click any spot on the slider to jump to that part
-click on the arrows to skip backward or forward


To exit full-screen mode

-Click the diagonally-opposing arrows in the upper right hand corner
-press Escape


To rearrange a clip and change its location

Select a clip or command-click multiple clips then drag them to their new location. (You can add it to the end, replace a clip, insert it, or connect it)


The only way to copy edited footage from one project to another

Copy/cut and paste commands


To paste copied material

Point at where you want to place the copied clip, press command-C, and the selected clip will split the existing footage and appear in the selected location.


How to make a video marker

Position the play head at the correct location and press M.


How to turn on snapping

View-> snapping (OR- letter N key)


How do you edit to the beat?

Put markers on both audio and video and line them up.


Deleting markers

Mark-> delete market (shift-control-M) or grab marker and drag it off your clip.


What does a red line at the end of a clip mean when resizing a clip?

You have reached the end of the original footage and cannot add on any longer.


How do you trim a clip to the playhead's location?

Position the playhead where you want the clip to end and press Option-/


What is the Clip Trimmer?

iMovie can display the original footage in a strip just above a clip that comes from it so you know where to trim.


How do you use the Clip Trimmer?

Window-> Show Clip Trimmer or double click any clip in the storyboard.


What do the white borders indicate while in clip trimmer?

What part of the original footage is actually being used in your movie so far.


How do you change the clip so that you have a clip of the same size but earlier or later in the original footage?

Go to the Clip Trimmer and grab part of the clip that is outside the white highlights which mark what is being used and slide the clip right or left to use earlier or later footage, respectively.


How do you close Clip Trimmer after reselecting?

Click X that says close clip trimmer or the big blue down arrow on the clip in your storyboard.


How do you open Precision Editor?

Double click the space between two clips or, if you already have a clip selected, Window->Show Precision Editor, OR Command-/


How do you pull up the Adjustment Viewer?

Double-clicking the transitions icon?


How you pull up the Precision Editor instead of the Adjustment Viewer when there is a transition between the two clips you want to edit?

Click just above or below the transition icon in the space between the two clips you want to edit.


How do you overlap the audio only of one clip with another clip?

While in the Precision Editor, move cursor over the audio portion of the playhead.


How do you use split clip?

Position playhead where you want the split to occur then choose Modify-> Split Clip (Command-B)


How do you lock the playhead in position so you can move he cursor to the menu to execute a command?

Hold down the control key while you move the cursor out of the storyboard.


How do you rejoin two split clips again?

Either use the undo command or either part of the split clip and select Edit-> Join Clip.


How do you Redo something? (Undo an Undo command)



What is the aspect ratio of an old TV?



What is the aspect ratio of Hollywood movies?

1.85:1 or 2.35:1


What are the aspect ratios of all iPhones 4s and older?



What is shot at 9:16 ratio?

Film from most smartphones held vertically.


By default, how does iMovie handle mismatched aspect ratios?

Cropping what doesn't fit and blowing up the rest to fill the frame. (Part of the video is lost and iMovie zooms in on a portion with the proper aspect ratio, losing quality in the process.


How do you show all of the original footage instead of cropping?

Choose Adjust->Fit instead of Crop


How do you change the default cropping settings to fit an individual clip?

Select a clip in the storyboard and click the adjust button in the toolbar. Choose the cropping tool, then click the Fit button.


What do you do to tag clips and make them easier to find later?

Tag them as favorites.


How do you tag clips that you don't want to use?

Tag as Rejects.


How do you flag a clip as a favorite?

In the Event Pane, select the video(s), (using Command-click to select multiple videos), then click F, choose Mark-> Favorite, or control-click on the clip and choose Favorite.


How do you flag a clip as a Reject?

Press the delete key, choose Mark-> Reject, or control-click the clip and choose Reject.


How do you mark favorites or rejects in chunks within a clip?

Skim to a spot in a clip and press the F or delete key to favorite or reject the following four seconds, respectively.


How do you know a clip has been favorited or rejected?

There will either be a green line (favorites), or a red line (rejects) at the top of the clip.


How do you make rejects disappear from the Event Browser?

Choose Hide Rejected from the pop-up menu in the top right corner of the Event Browser.


How do you Mark an entire clip as a Favorite or Reject?

Double-click it (or option-click it)


What does an orange stripe at the bottom of a clip mean?

The footage has been used in one or more projects.


How do you select the portion of a clip that you have favorited?

Double-click the green stripe.


How do you hide the orange stripes that mark used footage?

Choose View-> Hide Used Media Ranges


How do you unmark a clip?

Double-click its stripe and type the letter U. If you don't select a clip, pressing U only unmarks the next 4 seconds that follow the playhead.


How do you show all clips, rejected, or favorites?

The Show menu in the top right corner of the event browser.


How do you select all of your rejected footage and delete it?

Choose Show-> Rejected. Skim footage to make sure the entire clips are no good because you can't just delete part of a clip. Also make sure there are no orange bars at the bottom of your rejected clips. Choose File-> Move to Trash.


How do you undelete clips?

Use the Edit-> Undo Move to Trash or press command-Z


What is the most popular (and effective transition effect)?

Cross Dissolve


How to keep videos professional-looking while using transitions?

Use them discriminately, and for a reason (to show the passage of time). Or don't use them to show no time has passed or to keep the effect footage has instead of softening its impact. -Stick with a style of transition effect unless you have an artistic reason to choose a different style.


What transition should probably be used at the beginning and end of every movie?

Fade to Black


How do you see the transitions iMovie offers?

Press command-1


How do you see an animation of a transition?

Skim over its icon without clicking?


How do you insert a transition between two clips?

Drag its icon out of the transitions panel and drop it in the vertical gap between the two clips.


What transitions work well at the start of a movie?

Fade to Blackness and Circle Open


How do you review the result of a transition you have added?

The the icon in the storyboard and press the / key.


How do you watch the footage just before a transition?

Move the playhead just before the transition and press space bar.


How do you change a transition?

Drag a new transition out of the Transitions palette and drop it on top of the old one, or select a transition and double-click on the desired replacement transition in the Transitions palette.


To delete a transition

Highlight its icon in the gap between clips and press Delete.


What is the default duration of a transition in iMovie?

One second for Transitions found in the Content Library or two seconds for transitions added as part of a movie theme which you selected when creating a new project.


How do you change the duration of all future transitions?

Window-> Movie Properties (Command-J), then click Settings in the Viewer window. Change transition length to anything between .5 to 2 seconds.


How do you change individual transitions?

Double-click their icon, type the new timing. You can also edit the duration with Precision Editor. Drag a side toward or away from the center to shorten or lengthen the transition. A balloon appears, showing the length.


Change all transition durations at once

Double-click on any transition in your timeline, type in the desired length and click Apply to All.


How do you change all transitions to a certain type?

In the transitions Viewer window, choose an existing transition and click Apply to All Transitions button.


Why might a certain transition be shorter than the duration you set for all transitions?

Your leading or trailing clip is too short. A transition can't extend through one clip into another.


What do transitions do to the length of a movie?

Shorten it.


How do you avoid messing up your syncing of audio and video by putting in transitions and affecting the film's length?

Wait until after all your transitions have been added to sync audio.


When should you use automatic transitions through a whole movie?

You want a transition between every clip, you set the duration at 1 sec or shorter, and the shots aren't intended to tell a story.


how do you turn off automatic transitions?

go to the movie settings and uncheck the "Automatic content" box


when you think a scene change would feel too abrupt, make a crossfade transition with how many frames?



when is the best time to use the Fade to Black transition?

When the next scene is changing the time and/or place.


when is the best time to fade to white?

when someone dies, or when you are going to show a series of bright and cheerful images, where a fade to black transition would create a feeling of finality between the related images.


when should you use circle close transition?

when you want to draw attention to the center of the screen at the end of a sequence. Preferably the next shot should be black. This transition works especially well if something happens in the porthole view of the shot just before it winks out, like someone waves goodbye and winks, etc.


what transitions were famously used in Star Wars?

wipe transition. Gives the feeling of being in a different place.


when would be a clever time to use the slide right, slide left transitions?

maybe in a documentary where the host pushes the screen to the side as the scene changes.


what feeling does the ripple transition evoke?

it is a beautiful and soothing transition.


which themes offer some fun customizability?

iReport, Sports, and News


how is the best way to change the transitions that iMovie creates?

do so after all of your content has already been added to your movie- once you turn off the automatic content, iMovie will no longer add transitions automatically.


how do you turn Automatic content back on?

Go to Windows -> Movie Properties (Command-J) and click Settings. From there, check the Automatic content box.


how do you switch your movie from one theme to another?

go to Windows -> Movie Properties (Command-J) and click settings. From there select Themes and from the drop down menu, choose the desired theme.


how do you remove a theme?

go to Windows -> Movie properties (Command-J) and click settings. From there, select themes and choose no theme from the drop-down menu.


how do you add a Travel Map?

In the content library list, click maps and backgrounds (or Command-3). Drag one of the map animations into your film and you will then be able to customize it.


how do you edit the travel locations on a Travel Map?

highlight the map clip and click the Adjust tool. The Viewer reveals a custom tool for editing. You can choose your departure and destination points from a list of hundreds of pre-set locations.


how do you change what type of travel map you chose?

drag a new map from the Maps & Backgrounds pane (Command-3) and drop it on top of the old map.


how do you change the speed of the map animation if it's too fast or slow.

you can drag the sides the icon in the Storyboard or you can move it around in the Precision editor.


how do you delete a map?

you can delete the icon in the storyboard.


what is the "Flipped" video effect?

It makes the film into a mirror image of itself?


What is the "Raster" video effect?

Covers your screen with horizontal scan lines like you would see on an old TV.


What does the "Cartoon" video effect do?

Smooths the colors to make it look like the film comes from a comic book.


What does the "Aged Film" video effect do?

It adds a sepia tone and noise to make the film look like an old, worn-out film strip.


What does the "Film Grain" video effect do?

It applies a mild sepia tone and little tiny specks that look like grainy film.


What does the "Hard Light" video effect do?

It overexposes the light colors and darkens the dark colors.


What does the "Day Into Night" video effect do?

It darkens the whole video with a bluish hue as though the video were filmed at night.


What does the "Glow" video effect do?

It overexposes the light colors without darkening the dark colors.


What does the "Dream" video effect do?

Blurs the clip and washes out its colors to convey the idea of dreaming.


What does the "Romantic" video effect do?

Blurs just the edges of the clip and focuses on whatever is in the center (presumably, the object of your desire.)


What does the "Vignette" video effect do?

Instead of blurring the edges it fades them to black much like you would see in studio photography from the 1980s.


What does the "Bleach Bypass" do?

it washes out the colors just like bleach


What does the "Old World" video effect do?

It combines a glow with a sepia tone. Another way to make film look old.


What does the "Heat Wave' video effect do?

It overexposes the light and adds a yellow hue to make it look hot and dry.


What does the "Sci-Fi" video effect do?

Like the film in the Matrix, it applies a green hue to everything.


What does the "Black and White" video effect do?

converts all colors to black and white.


What does the "Sepia Tone" video effect do?

Another old classic: applies a brownish hue to everything to make it look like ancient photography or film from the early 1900s


What does the "Negative" video effect do?

It changes all the colors in the film to their color wheel opposite.


What does the "X-ray" video effect do?

It applies a greenish-gray hue to everything and switches dark and light tones. Presumably this is what your film would look like if you shot the whole thing with an X-ray.


What can have a video effect?

You can apply a video effect to any clip, photo, cutaway, or travel map.


How do you apply a video effect?

Select the clip, then click the Adjust button in the tool bar. You can select a thumbnail


what color do you need to make a green screen?

Choose a program such as text edit (Shift-Command-C) and select "Spring" from the crayons tab.


How do you make a green screen?

Buy fabric from a fabric store and make a frame to pull the fabric tight using PVC pipe.


how do you shoot a shot with a green screen?

make sure no shadows are cast on the green screen by lighting the screen and the actors separately and/or having the actors stand at least 4 feet in front of the screen.