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Granny Cider Apple Sour

10ml Sugar syrup
10ml Egg white
10ml Apple Liqueur
20ml Lemon juice
30ml Apple juice
30ml Cider
45ml Ketel 1

Glass: Old Fashioned

Method: Shake well and stir over a cider sphere with 4 ice cubes

Garnish: Apple fan, lime square, spoon and straw


Elderflower & Lychee Breeze

1-2 Kaffir Lime Leaves
2-3 Pieces of Ginger
2 Lychees
15ml Elderflower cordial
45ml Ketel 1
60ml Apple Juice

Glass: Highball

Method: Muddle fruit, add ingredients, shake and strain over ice. cap with crushed ice

Garnish: 2 Fanned Kaffir Lime Leaf


Champagne & Strawberry Martini

20ml Creme De Fraise
40ml Strawberry Puree
45ml Vodka
dash of sugar

Glass: Coupet

Method: Shake and double strain

Garnish: Champagne emulsion and candied strawberry on a stick


Laneway Volcano Punch

20ml Passionfruit Puree
20ml Apricot Brandy
40ml Pineapple Juice
40ml Pamparo
2 dash bitters
dash sugar syrup

Glass: Tiki Mug

Method: Shake & Strain

Garnish: Dry ice in tea strainer buried half way up and a mint sprig


Laneway Mule

45ml Ketel 1
Top with house made ginger beer

Glass: Jam Jar

Method: Build

Garnish: Lime Square, 2 straws


Smoked and Spiced Margarita

15ml Cointreau
20ml Spiced Agave syrup
30ml Lime juice
45ml Spiced Tequila

Glass: Coupet

Method: Shake and double strain


Kentucky Punch

10ml Apple Liqueur
25ml Elderflower
50ml Bulliet
60ml Apple Juice

Glass: Highball

Method: Shake & Strain over ice

Garnish: Lime square & Apple fan. Cap with crushed ice


Bubblegum Sour

dash sugar syrup
dash egg white
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Bubblegum syrup
45ml Vodka

Glass: Old Fashioned

Method: Shake and Strain

Garnish: cap with crushed ice, lemon wedge, 2 straws, bubblegum stick and bubblegum syrup


Earl Grey & Mandarin Sour

dash of egg white
15ml Sugar syrup
20ml Lemon juice
50ml Mandarin vodka
muddle mandarin

Glass: Old Fashioned

Method: Shake & Strain. Leave 3cm gap from top

Garnish: Earl Grey Foam, 2 straws planked


Maple Syrup and Bacon Manhattan

2 dashes Angostura bitters
15ml Maple syrup
15ml Dry vermouth
15ml Sweet vermouth
60ml Bacon washed bourbon

Glass: Coupet

Method: Stir and Strain

Garnish: Maple bacon


La Premiere

50ml Popcorn Rum
Top with Coke

Glass: Coca Cola Glass

Method: Build

Garnish: cap with crushed ice, striped straws, popcorn, 2 lime squeezes


Smoked Chocolate Sazerac

dash absinthe
dash sugar syrup
3 dashes peychard bitters
15mls white cacao
60mls Rye Whiskey

Glass: Sazerac

Method: Stir & Strain

Garnish: Smoked Dome, Napkin with Chocolate