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Beer Tai

10ml Lime Juice
20ml Orgeat
40ml Dark Rum
dash of angostura
top with light ale

Glass: Beer Glass

Method: Shake and Strain

Garnish: Lime square, mint leaf, umbrella and dust of nutmeg


Laneway Spice Watermelon Margarita

15ml Lime Juice
15ml Cointreau
20ml Sugar syrup
45ml Spicey Tequila
10 cubes of fresh watermelon

Glass: Martini

Method: Muddle/Shake & Strain

Garnish: Salt chilli spiced half rim, watermelon triangle


Smokin Dark & Stormy

10ml Lime Juice
45ml Goslings
Half fill with Fever Tree ginger beer (90ml)

Glass: Jam Jar

Method: Build over triple frozen ice

Garnish: Lime chip, smoke, ginger beer foam, paperbag and stripped straws



10ml Melon Liqueur
45ml Vodka
3-4 pieces of Rockmelon
dash of sugar syrup
dash of melon juice

Glass: Martini

Method: Muddle, shake and strain

Garnish: Pistacio foam ontop


Nettle Gimlet

15ml Nettle syrup
45ml Gin
dash lime cordial
dash apple
scoop of nettle sorbet

Glass: Coupet

Method: Shake well & strain

Garnish: Nettle Flakes


Summer Garden

15ml Elderflower cordial
20ml Cider
30ml Apple Juice
50ml Cucumber Gin
3-4 Cucumber Pieces

Glass: Coupet

Method: Muddle fruit, add ingredients, shake and single strain

Garnish: Serve on a turf platter with mini gardening tools, watering can with dry ice with ipod and eye mask (speaker on weekends) thin apple slice, floating cucumber with UK flag mist with cut grass essence


Breakfast Mojito

1 tube Mojito toothpaste
1 beaker of Mojito mouthwash
1 amouse bouche spoon with candied mint leaf and fizz powder
1 injection of gin
1 frozen shot glass

Glass: Glass Mirror

Method: On Platter

Garnish: 2 Lime Squares