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What percentage of the Amazon rainforest has been deforested?



What happens if deforestation does not cause decreased rainfall via atmospheric feedbacks?

discharge will likely to be increased throughout the entire Amazon


What happens if rainfall does decrease via atmospheric feedbacks?

the resulting decrease in river discharge may be greater than the changes without feedbacks


What does subsurface drainage remove?

Excess water from the soil profile


How is soil drainage carried out?

Through a network of perforated tubes installed 60-120 cm below soil surface


What is soil drainage good for?

Moderately to poorly drained soils


What does the build up of an improved soil structure make?

The soil easier to work and easier to achieve greater root penetration


What does improved aeration increase the rate of?

At which organic matter is broken down into humus and plant nutrients are mineralised into a available form


What does the insertion of drains artificially increase?

The speed of throughflow in the soil, so much more water reaches watercourses quickly increasing chance of flooding


What can the dry topsoil be subject to?

Wind erosion if not properly protected