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Why is it better to show standard deviations instead of range of values

-SD shows variation around the mean whereas range just shows highest and lowest -SD less affected by extreme values;


Importance of scientists reporting failed attempts

  • Saves time and money for other scientists
  • Same errors aren't made


Important thing to be careful of when sampling

  • Random to avoid bias
  • Large sample size to make data representative


How could you use an optical microscope and a slide of muscle tissues to neasure the diameter of a muscle tissue

  • Measure with eyepiece scale;
  • Calibrate against something of known size:


Conditions needed for fermenter to grow bacteria

  • sterile conditions;
  • Nutrient medium;
  • Suitable pH/temperature/aeration;


Why use mice in experiments?

  • Easy to manage as they can be kept safely in small space;
  • Physiology similar to humans so can be used to predict human behaviour;
  • Genome of mice well known;


Why do tails (external) have lower temperatures than inside?

  • Heat lost from tail;
  • By radiation;