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The ______ of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with 20/20 vision of hindsight



Departmental personnel may use only that force which is "_____ ____" to defend themselves, others, effect an arrest or detention, prevent escape, or overcome resistance.

objectively reasonable


Uniform employees must be guided by two key principles in the understanding and application of the use of force policy; they are:

sound professional judgement
use of only that force reasonable for the situation


Reporting the use of force is contained in HPM 11.1, such reports ___ be documented on the CHP 268 (blue team) whenever any weapon/tool used in enforcement action, use of control hold or handcuffs results in apparent injury, complaint of injury, or claim of injury, and _______.

shall, high risk or felony procedures are used and the suspect is later found to be an innocent party


When involved or witness incident which they believe excess force MAY have been used by ANY peace officer, they SHALL immediately report to a ______ and submit a report.



When excessive force reported to supervisor they are responsible for ensuring that: Proper, thorough, and accurate reporting procedures are followed, investigation is conducted and documented, whether CHP or allied, investigation involving allied ___ be coordinated at the appropriate ________ level.

shall, division


Should not place finger on trigger unless

when actually firing the firearm
when the firearm is pointed a ta target and use of deadly force is justified


Whether to place finger on the trigger must be based on the _____.

officer's perception of the tactical situation


Departmental shooting policy _____ be reviewed ______ rank sgt and below

shall, quarterly


Penal Code Section 196, Justifiable Homicide; Public Officers, states that homicide is justified when, obedience to any judgment of court, when necessary to overcome resistance to the execution of some legal process, when committed in retaking felons who have been rescued, escaped or when committed in _____ persons charged with a felony and who are fleeing from justice or resisting such arrest.



Shooting of animals SHOULD be last resort, SHOULD obtain supervisor's approval, SHOULD obtain ____ permission if possible, and best shot in head/brain except ____ which would be behind ear due to thick skull plate.

owner, swine


Discharging of firearms shall be reported for the following: (5)

1. Intentional while on duty
2. Intentional while off duty
3. Accidental on duty or accidental of concealable firearm off duty
4. Warning shots off duty while attempting to apprehend a person for crime
5. intentional or accidental of a firearm by a NONuniformed employee while on duty


Exceptions to reporting discharge of firearm are the following: (4)

1. range (other accidental)
2. hunting
3. shooting of animals in accordance with policy (memo required)
4. military duties


Supervisor responsibilities for a discharge of a firearm incident (9)

1. notify commander(s) and allied agency with primary investigative responisibility
2. respond to scene, assume IC
3. coordinate resources with primary investigation agency
4. request CIIT
5. ensure 1st responder responsibilities complete
6. provide for safety of all, all weapons involved secure
7. establish perimeter, officer to log CHP 328, evaluate and adjust as needed for safety, security, confidentiality
8. do not allow allied agency to interview/interrogate until CIIT investigator consulted
9. should use departmental employee involved shooting incident on-scene guidelines to assist with scene supervision


Authorized Emergency Vehicle definition; furnished by State of California, equipped with Red light and Siren, ___ for police work, operated by member of CHP in performance of their duties. Officers shall obey all rules 21052 VC



Exemptions from rules of the road; response to emergency, ______ of violator, responding to fire alarm, while engaged in ___ operations, Section 21055 (b) VC red light to front displayed and siren as necessary.

pursuit, rescue


Escort is prohibited except for; preservation of life and expediting ____ movements during a national emergency



Pursuits shall be; in compliance with laws and sound reasonable judgment, initiated to ____ violators, shall clearly indicate intent to stop vehicle and arrest subject, should not be undertaken if ____ can be ID'd to point where later apprehension can be accomplished, continue until ____ ____ or _____ _____, and no pursuit should be initiated with passengers in vehicle.

apprehend, subject, violator stops, voluntarily discontinued


Each area ____ establish a pursuit training SOP which shall be reviewed quarterly by ___ and below.

shall, sgt


Pursuit Modalities: (3)

1. Initiation of Pursuit
2. Discontinuing a Pursuit
3. Pursuit units


Supervisors permission ____ be obtained prior to legal intervention and may be undertaken if movements place others in imminent danger, apparent risk/harm to others outweigh risk of harm involved in making forcible stop, other methods of ____ have been ____.

should, apprehension, exhausted


Legal intervention methods: (6)

1. channelization
2. roadblocks (only for apprehension and/or disaster relief)
3. ramming (PIT) >35 MPH
4. spike strip (shall not motorcycles, should not Hazmat or Bus) - should not over-take to deploy
5. boxing in
6. use of firearms


Each PRS CHP 187, pursuit report, ___ be completed within ___ calendar days. Notification shall be made to ____ once the report is approved by commander and coded as _____ ____ ___ in PRS

Shall, 10, pending division review


High Risk is used under circumstances which give the officer reasonable cause to believe that any attempt to stop the vehicle will create an ____ ___ ____.

extraordinary safety risk


Felony stops requires more than ___ ___, firearm at the ready position pointed at ____, shotgun and rifle with round chambered, a minimum of ___ officers, ___ feet between P/V and suspect vehicle.

mere suspicion, suspect, 3, 30


Visible patrol is a ____ ____, and a complete ___ of the beat should be made at the beginning of shift.

natural deterrent, tour


Pacing violators from ____ roads or from the ___ of violator is prohibited.

frontage, front


Officer safety training shall be __ hours annually to demonstrate proficiency.



Uniformed employees unable to demo proficiency shall be provided refresher training for a period of time not to exceed ___ days after annual cert is due, if fail to meet cert after a max of 30 days __ be placed on interim reporting pursuant to HPM 10.10

30, shall


OST training requires a physical examine of all firearms and magazines by OST instructor in charge and a _____. This confirmations shall be noted by their signing and dating the training roster or the CHP 199 remarks section.



Two types of departmentally approved control holds are ___ and ____; they are used to prevent movement, physically restrain a volatile person, prelude to taking individual into custody, and when required for the safety of the public, officer, or subject.

twist-lock, bent-wrist


____ shall be removed from ignition of an unattended patrol vehicle



If ASR used off-duty, Departmental policy and procedures apply as well as ____ restrictions.



OC ___ not be used at less than __ feet unless ___ hazard exists to officer, and ___ not directed at eyes at less than ___ feet.

shall, 3, extreme, should, 5


OC policy should be reviewed ____ at rank of ___ and below. Normal recovery periods are 15-45 mins, and officer ___ flush face/eyes within __ mins. Upon booking suspect, OC shall be documented on ___ ___, advise jail personnel, and note in arrest report.

quarterly, sergeant, shall, 30, booking form


OC canisters are to be during their ___ year, destroyed canisters serial numbers shall be maintained at command level for current year plus __ year

4th, one


Use of OC results in injury or complaint of injury, enter into _____.

blue team


WMD PPE inspections are required _____.



Commanders ___ ensure a minimum of ____ less-lethal shotgun is deployed to the field during every shift, review of policy is _____.

shall, one, quarterly


Optimal deployment range for less-lethal shotgun in ___ feet. Lethal target areas are: (4)

60, head, neck, throat, spine


Deploying officer of less-lethal, when feasible and permitted by the tactical situation should loudly and clearly verbalize to all persons on scene "____"



Area deployment of Less-lethal shotgun shall report monthly to division by the ___ day of the following month. Division shall report a total of all deployments on a quarterly basis to ___ ___ ___, enforcement tactics unit by the ____ day of the month following the end of the previous quarter.

10th, office of the academy, 15th


All uniformed members shall undergo __ hours of CEW training by academy certified instructor and certify prior to carrying CEW and shall ___ annually on the use of the CEW during the Officer Safety Certification

8, recertify


All certified Officers and Sergeants ___ carry the CEW if available. Officers shall avoid targeting the: (6)

shall, head face neck throat groin and spine


Officers shall not use the CEW if they have reason to believe: (3)

1. subject exposed to flammable liquids
2. in flammable or explosive environment
3. subject could fall from height or into body of water


The CEW should not be used on: (4)

1. women who appear prego
2. subjects who appear elderly
3. subjects who appear to frail
4. subjects who appear to weigh less than 80 pounds


When ____, prior to discharging the CEW, the officer should announce the CEW is going to be discharged.



After CEW has been discharged a supervisor shall be immediately notified as soon as the situation is stable and ___ respond.



Any discharge of a CEW smart cartridge, other than training, shall be immediately reported to ______. After any discharge, other than training or spark test, the pertinent data shall be downloaded from the CEW.



Regardless of use, each CEW shall be downloaded each ____ and an audit shall be conducted. Records shall be retained at each command for the life of the CEW plus ___ years

month, ten