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What are the methods of selection?

-Application Forms/ CV's
-Assessment Centres
-Trial Periods


What are Application Forms

Application forms - a document produced by the employer, containing questions that the applicants answer to provide details of their skills, experiences and qualities.


What are Assessment Centres

-Allows an organisation to see applicants undertaking a variety of tasks
-Applicants may have to take part in role play activities, team building exercises, tests and presentations
-Common in the aviation industry eg cabin crew may have to go to an assessment centre


Advantages and Disadvantages of Assessment Centres

-Assesses how applicants interact with others
-Assesses how applicants react in role play scenarios that mimic real life situations
-Reduces chance of interviewer bias

-A venue will need to be hired which can be expensive
-Several managers will be required resulting in loss of production time
-Requires careful planning and preparation which takes time


Types of Testing

Psychometric/Psychological tests
Aptitude tests
Intelligence / IQ tests
Medical tests
Attainment tests


Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews

-Find out how applicant reacts under pressure
-Gives indication of applicants personality and character

-Applicants can train specifically for interviews but may not be the best person for the job
-The highly stressful situation may cause quality applicants to act worse under the pressure


What are References

-Used to confirm that candidates are who they say they are and that they are reliable
-Usually requested from previous employers or from someone with authorities


What are Trial Periods

Applicant is employed for a short amount of time before being offered a permanent position.
Avoids organisation making a mistake by offering a job to someone unsuitable.


Types of industrial action

-Work to rule
-Sit in
-Go slow
-Overtime ban
-Overtime withdrawal
-Lock out


Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

-The employee knows the organisation which saves induction training
-Saves money on advertising
-Fill vacancy quickly
-Motivates employees

-Will create a new vacancy
-May cause tension between co workers
-No new ideas or skills
-Limited pool


Advantages and Disadvantages of External Recuitment

-Wider pool
-New ideas brought in
-Avoids competition

-Advertising costs are high
-Costs of training
-Candidate are unknown and untrustworthy
-May demotivate existing staff


What are the 5 stages of the recruitment process?

1. Identify a vacancy
2. Conduct a job analysis
3. Prepare a job description
4. Prepare a person specification
5. Advertise the job vacancy


Advantages and disadvantages of training

-Improves quality of products / service
-Motivates staff
-Can help introduce new technology
-Could attract high quality staff
-Reduce work place accidents

-Can be costly
-Loss of production time
-Staff may not stay after being trained


Advantages and disadvantages of induction training

-Staff become familiar quickly
-Health and safety is ensured'

-Prevents staff from working
-Lose of production time from those carrying out training


Advantages and disadvantages of on the job training

-The employee contributes to the organisation while training
-Can make employees learn better

-Mistakes can be made
-The learning employee can slow the coach down


Advantages and disadvantages of off the job training

-Staff can concentrate fully
-Current staff aren't distracted

-Can be costly
-No contribution to the business


Advantages and disadvantages of Training schemes

-Benefit of highly skilled staff
-Staff are motivated - lower turnover

-Work time can be lost
-Wages are higher


Advantages and disadvantages of work based training

-Employees gain recognised qualification
-Employees contribute while training

-Staff may leave after training


Advantages and disadvantages of virtual learning

-Can be done whenever, or wherever
-Large numbers can do it at once
-Can be updated easily
-Saves money

-Requires employees self discipline
-May not suit others learning style
-Can be expensive to set up


What are the 3 types of appraisal?

-Peer appraisal
-360 degree appraisal
-Informal appraisal


Advantages and disadvantages of Appraisals

-Positive feedback motivates employees
-Targets give employees goal to work towards
-Training needs can be identified
-Employees can be identified for promotion, pay rise or bonus
-Forms strong relationship between manager and employee

-Negative feedback can demotivate
-Unrealistic targets cause more pressure
-Can may employees feel that they are being checked up on
-Time consuming to carry out


What does ACAS stand for?

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service


What is the difference between grievances and discipline procedures

Grievances are initiated by the employee, discipline procedures are initiated by the management


What are the 4 employee legislations?

-The Equality Act 2010
-Employee Rights Act 1996
-National Minimum Wage Act 1998
-Health and Safety at Work Act 1974


Financial methods of motivating employees

-Time-rate payments
-Piece-rate payments
-Performance related pay
-Profit sharing
-Share ownership
-Overtime payments
-Remuneration packages


Non - Financial methods of motivating employees

-Job enrichment
-Job enlargement
-Job rotation
-Quality circles
-Team working
-Worker participation
-works councils


What are the 3 styles of leadership

-Laissez - Faire


Advantages and Disadvantages of an Autocratic leader

-There are clear expectations of what needs to be done
-Decisions made quickly
-Works well when manager is most skilled and knowledgeable in the team

-No opportunity for delegation or empowerment which demotivates staff
-Lack of creativity in decision making


Advantages and Disadvantages of a democratic leader

-Employees feel motivated as they have a say in decision making
-Employees contribution encourages creativity and helps solve complex problems.

- Mistakes can be made
-Can cause loss of productivity


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Laissez Faire leader

-Employees are empowered to make decisions, motivating them
-Relaxed work environment

-Objectives may not be met
-Only works in highly professional enviroments


What are the factors effecting leadership style?

-The task
-Time available
-Skills of staff
-Motivation of staff
-Leaders personality
-Group size
-Corporate Culture
-Availability of finance