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The poem references an event from history. Where we come from- and the places that we are linked to-will be with us throughout our lives and form as part of our identity


'It took a hurricane'

The hurricane refers to an actual weather event from 1987 which hit the south of England


'The howling ship of the wind'

Nautical reference could represent a journey


'Ancestral spectre'

This refers to the past, her heritage or family.
Spectre = Ghost or spirit


'Talk to me Huracan
Talk to me Oya
Talk to me Shango
And Hattie'

This refers to the Caribbean and African Gods.
Hattie hit the Caribbean in 1961.
The repetition sound like a plea or desire to make a connection with the past


'Sweeping back-home cousin'

The weather is personified. It's like a long lost cousin or family member that the author missed


'Reaping havoc in new places?'

Old tongues- ancient world. There is a juxtaposition between the old world and the new. Her past and her future.


'Blinding illumination'

The lightening of the storm contrasts with the man - made electricity which has been cut off because of the storm.


'What is the meaning of trees'

The trees have been uplifted from her homeland. The poet related to this feeling of being uprooted.


'Their crusted roots'

Roots have crusted because they have been there for a long time. They are ancient ties.


'Myself to you'

Feels that the storm is a part of her. Is part of her ancestry.


'The frozen lake in me'

She welcome change. She can't understand why the hurricane made her feel like that.


'The very trees within me'

Questioning her new identity. The foundation of her past are shaken. She has come to accept her sense of self


'The earth is the earth is the earth'

Even though she is not at home, she is still on earth with all people.


Attitude of the poem

The poem is about re-connection as the poet feels separate from her new environment and from aspects of herself.
There are feelings of confusion, empowerment, excitement and release. At the end of the poem the poet feels unchained as she has regained a full sense of who she is and where she lives.


Style of the poem

Grace Nichols uses lots of poetic devices to convey the drama of inner and outer storms. Repetition is used to create a sense of immediacy and excitement.
The fist stanza is in the present tense so we feel the emotions at the same time as the poet.