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18bb MR vs reg Td8s
flop 6s4hAs we bet 1.4bb, opp calls
turn Ts opp checks.

If opp doesn't x/r for bluff enough we should bet every hand that has 1 street of value because there is no any reason not to do it on the turn. So in that way bet is the good option. Othervise check if opponnent is agressive and capable of bluffing x/r on the turn.


18bb MR Td8s
flop 6s4hAs we bet 1.4bb, opp calls.
turn Ts x/x
river Tc we bet 5.1bb, opp shoves 16bb.

A very few opponnents are capable of bluffing this spot. Our range is made of pure bluffs and Tens, so he could call Kx if he wanted to bluffcatch us. So probably fold would be good option vs reg.


KdJc limp preflop vs nit.
Flop 7hTh2s opp donks 1.5bb, we call.
Turn 8d opp donks 2bb, we call.
River 3h opp checks. Effective stack 6.6bb.

Against nit opp you can give up on the turn with this board easy, because there is far less chance that he is bluffing and many more spots where you can find better exploit.


Qs5s 12bb deep limp preflop.
Flop 5d2hAh we bet 1bb, opp raises to 3bb.



22 MR preflop.
Flop 4c9d4h we bet 1.4bb, opp raises to 3.7bb.

If opponnent likes to do this on paired boards clickback 3bet to 5.4bb. If he is nit, you can fold.


8sTs MR preflop vs fish.
Flop 8h6cQd x/x.
Turn Qh opp bets 1bb we call.
River 7c opp checks, we bet 2.5bb.
Any mistakes?

You could raise on the turn to 3-3.5bb and then do a value bet on the river of 4-5bb. It is obvious that he is behind us in 95% so this would be pure value bet.
Also, you could call the turn and then make pot size on the river if type of opp is non-believer.


KsJs MR preflop 20bb deep.
Flop 3d7c9h we bet 32%, opp clickback.

Go fold, this happens literally in less than 1% of time so probably every time they have nuts. If this starts happening frequently with one opp make a note and adjust.


Kh9d limped 10.5bb deep.
Flop Kd6s7d we bet 1bb, opp calls.
Turn 4s, we bet 2.5bb, opp shoves.

Call, if opp has range of 2 pairs, FD, 1 pair + GS, you have to call him, because you need a chance of 27%. If opp is nit, you can maybe fold, but it is even then break even.


MR preflop JJ 11bb deep.
Flop Td7dAh we bet 1.35bb, opp shoves 9bb.

Easy call. If he isn't total fish, he should not have too many aces and if he is total fish he could have a random hand. With range JTo,QTo,KTo, A8o-, A8s- we are breakeven.


Kc2c MR preflop 20bb deep.
Flop 5dAc3c we bet 2bb, opp calls.
Turn Ts opp donks 4bb, we call.
River Js, opp checks.

Shove. On Axx boards with a lot of missed draws tripple barrel just makes huge +EV regardless what cards we have.


8d4h limped preflop 15bb deep vs reg.
Flop 7cQs4c opp bets 1bb, we call.
Turn As opp bets 3bb, we call.
River 3s opp shoves 10bb.

Here on the turn if you are SB you can take 150% sizing with and Ax, KK, KQ, QJ, but really too value heavy range anyway no matter if sizing is 75% only or mixed so you should fold 84o on the turn. But if opponnent isn't betting hands like J7o call becomes profitable. With this in mind, opponnent could come to the river with too many bluffs and then call on the river can be profitable too. But you should consider all this stuff before making a decision.


7d6s 15bb deep MR preflop.
Flop 5dJdQh x/x.
Turn 4d, we donk 3.3bb, opp calls.
River 6c, we check, opp shoves 10bb.

You shold donk tiny on the turn 1.5-2bb, because there is too little fold equity there. On the river you could go for b25%/fold or check/fold since it is the spot where regs underbluff.


KdTh limped preflop, 11bb deep.
Flop Ad8d7h we bet 1bb, opp raise to 3bb we call.
Turn Qc, opp checks.

Shove any 2, people play poor on Axx oop limped pots. You should consider 3bet on the flop too.