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Vs reg MR 17bb deep QsJd.
Flop 9d3cQd x/x.
Turn 4h, we bet 2.5bb, opp raises to 5.2bb, we call.
River 4d, we check, opp shoves 10bb.

So, if he raises turn x2.2 he is definetly super strong and fold is here the best option.


7d2h, limped preflop, opp ultra agro on the board.
Flop TdAd8d, opp bets 1bb, we call.
Turn 7s, opp bets 2bb, we call.
River Jd, opp shoves 8bb.

Call, since he is agro he really doesn't have any perception of how many bluffs and how many value hands should he has so it is ok to call him and make a note.


9d8d MR preflop 22bb deep.
Flop 2d7c5s opp bets 1.5bb, we call.
Turn 2c.

You can donk 3.5bb since the board is definetly in your favor and then shove on river.


75o, 17bb deep vs agro fish.
4h9d3s opp bets 2bb, we call.
5d opp bets 6bb we call.
9c opp shoves.

Easy call.


22bb deep, 8c4c limped.
9s6dAc x/x.
7c we bet 1.5bb, opp calls.

Since there is a very little fold equity on the turn, you should think about brr river when you started brr turn. So what would be the right sizing? Probably something around 4 blinds to make our opp fold every 7 in his range.


Ks2c limped 16bb.
Jc2h9d opp bets 1bb, we call.
Ts x/x.
2s we bet 2.4bb, opp shoves.
What should be your bottom for the value bet on the river?

You should bet bigger on the river, and the bottom should be Tx.


Ts9d 25bb deep MR preflop.
8d9s4s x/x.
Td we bet 3bb, opp calls.
2h we bet 5bb, opp reshoves.

You could consider x/r on the turn regarding opp.
You must call this.


Ts9s we ISO preflop 3bb, 20bb deep.
What is your action?

You can bet small to have pot control.