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Computer definition

An electronic machine that receives or stores or processes data very quickly using a stored program


Hardware definition

Physical parts of the computer system that you can see and touch e.g. screen, printer, keyboard


Program/software definition

A set of instructions written to instruct the computer to carry out a task


Peripheral device definition

Any piece of hardware which is external to the processor


Input devices definition

Devices used to get data into the computer


Central processing unit (CPU) definition

The brain of the computer that carries out all processes e.g. calculations


Motherboard definition

The main printed circuit board in the computer, which contains the CPU, memory boards and the other circuit boards required by a computer system


Video card definition

A printed circuit board that generates the images for the computer's VDU (visual display unit). It can determine the resolution and variety of colours to be used on the screen.


Output devices definition

Devices that provide information output in a format that humans understand e.g. screen display and printouts


Backing store definition

Devices used to permanently store data when the computer is switched off e.g. Hard disk, CD


ASCII definition

American standard code for information interchange