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Where were the Mormons from origionally?
Why did they leave?

Origionally from England but left due to religious persecution


Why did the Mormons move west from 1847?

To escape religious persecution


Why were people against the Mormons?

- Due to ecomomic crisis of 1837 many banks collapsed including the Mormon bank, people who put there money in there lost it and blamed the Mormons
- There were rumours they were freeing slaves and stirring up NA's
- Their initial leader, Smith, claimed he recieved a revelation from God allowing polygamy (non-mormons and many mormons against this)


Why did the Mormons chose to move to Utah in 1846?
How did this plan initially backfire?

- Their new leader, Brigham Young was aware of the isolated Great Salt Lake area which was still a part of Mexico at the time taking them away from US control
- After the 1448 war between US and Mexico, Great Salt Lake was part of the territory the US gained


How did the US and the Mormons come to an agreement over Utah?
How was this agreement ruined?

US made it a state with Young as its first governor so the mormons could build their vision with the protection of the Gov
However as more people moved west there were complaints over ferry prices and mormons equal treatment of NA's so Gov sent an army in 1857 which meant they had to flee


What is manifest destiny?

People believed it was their God-given right to colonise the whole of America and that they should spread WASP values


When was the term manifest destiny first used?

1845 appearing in the 'Democratic Review'


Why did some African Americans and women move west?

After the civil war of 1861-65 some free, former slaves moved in order to escape persecution, discrimination and racism
The west was also an opportunity for women to escape gender roles