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How many states were there in 1803?

In 1803 there were 16 states


How many states were there in 1850?

In 1850 there were 30 states


Who was the first US president?

George Washington


In 1796 it cost $2 per acre to buy land. What the minimum amount of land you could purchase in 1796 and then in 1832?

1796 minimum purchase = 640 acres $2 per acre
1832 minimum purchase = 40 acres $2 per acre


The price of land fell to $1 per acre.
How did this effect expansion?

Number of settlers west of Appalacian Mountains increased from 387,000 in 1800 to 7 million in 1840.
1900 census = 68% of population lived west of ^


Who completed the expedition through the Louisiana Purchase from 1804-1806?
Why was it beneficial?

Lewis and Clark supported by Jefferson
Provided 4000 miles of maps including Mississippi and Colombia rivers, Rocky Mountains and Atlantic coast


Who completed the first offical military expedition and when was it completed?

Leiutenant Pike lead military expedition to the upper Mississippi River from 1806-1807


What did Stephen Long do?
How did he discourge people from moving west?

Led 5 expeditions covering 26,000 miles
declared the Great Plains was a 'Great desert' and unsuitable for settlement


who was involved in the Louisiana Purchase?

James Monroe negotiated with France, gaining the whole of Louisiana.
Origionally, Jefferson sent Monroe to negotiate only New Orleans and Florida, however Napoleon abandoned his plans for NA and offered all of Louisiana


The Gadsden Purchase was the result of party politics. Why would it benefit the president's campaign?

Franklin Pierce hoped supporting expansionist policies would maintain the unity of the pro-slavery Democratic party.
The south wanted to expand land in order to expand slavery and also help southern railway


Why were Northerners against the Gadsden purchase?

The Gadsden purchase would offered the opportunity to expand slavery which the north (free states) were against.
Also threatened the Northern railway


When was the Gadsden purchase?
Who did the US negotiate with to gain it?
How much land was gained?

Gadsden Purchase = 1853
James Gadsden negotiated with Mexico
Negotiated for 250,000 but ended up with 54,000 square miles


When was the Louisiana purchase?
Who did the US negotiate with to gain it?
How much land was gained?

Louisiana purchase = 1803
James Monroe negotiated with France
820,000 square miles - more than doubled the size of US


What was the reason for the Missouri Compromise in 1820 and what did it accomplish?

Missouri sought to enter the Union in 1819
This would tip the balance of the current 22 states (11 slave states, 11 free states)
Congress compromised by creating new free state, Maine, out of Massachusetts to keep the balance
It was also agreed there would be no slavery north of 36, 30 lattitude in the Louisiana Territory


When was the Transcontinental Treaty signed to gain Florida?
Who did the US negotiate with?

1819 = Transconinental Treaty was signed
US negotiated with Spain for Florida


Why were southerners against the possession of Florida?

Worried it could become a safe haven for run away slaves


How was most of Florida gained between 1810 and 1819?

1810 = American settlers seized Baton Rouge and proclaimed to Republic of West Florida
1812 = Officials occupied much of the region and so it became part of Louisiana
1813 = rest of west Florida was taken (Spain was at war with France so they couldn't do much)
1817-1819 = Pres. Monroe negotiated with Spain to settle border disputes and ordered campaign against the Seminoles (he ordered commander not to pursue into spanish territory but they did anyway and much of N Florida was taken


How did Texas become independent in March 1836?

Americans had been encouraged to settle there in the 1820's and brought their slaves with them
In 1829 Meixco freed its slaves and 1830 it prohibited further American immigration into Texas
Americans defied this and defeated Mexicos weak government


Why did James Polk win the election in 1844?

Campaigned on an expansionist ticket
Ambitious to gain more western territory (wanted to take all of oregon)
Supported manifest destiny


What did the Treaty of Guadalupe accomplish in February 1848?

US gained 500,000 square miles of territory + half of Mexico
Mexico gained $15 million from US


What happened during the war with Mexico and the US in 1846?

1845 - US sent troops to border area hoping it would provoke war
May 1846 - Mexican troops ambushed US giving Polk a reason to ask Congress for war (cost $100 million)
2000 died, 11,000 died of disease and 28,000 Mexicans died


When was the Homstead Act?
What did it offer?

Homstead Act 1862
Could claim 160 acres of land for free if you had lived on it for 5 years


Was the Homstead Act a success?

Many were too poor to become independent farmers
Many who did move were already farmers so it didn't attract new farmers
160 acres was not sufficent for settlers to make a living in the drier conditions


When was the Timber Culture Act?
What did it offer?
Was it a success?

Timber Culture Act 1873
A further 160 acres if they planted 40 acres with trees within 10 years
Failure as the winds and lack of water prevented trees from growing


When was the Desert Land Act?
What did it offer?
Was it a success?

Desert Land Act 1877
Chance to purchase another 640 acres if they irrigated it within 2 years
Failure due to cost of irrigation


When was the Morrill Act?
What did it do?

Morrill Act 1862
established colleges mainly to teach farming
69 universites around the country were founded under this act in the next decades making higher education available to the general public for the first time


How did the Federal Goverment aid expansion?

- Aquired new territories
- Supported exploration and mapping
- Provided funding and infrastructure
- Encouraged settlement (adertisment)