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Non Pressure Tank Cars

Carry flammable/combustible liquids, flammable solids, oxidizers, organic peroxides, corrosives, poisons, and molten solids.
Pressure: 60-100 psi
Capacities: 400-4000 gallons
W/Expansion Dome: Pressure (newer)
Wout/Expansion dome: Non-Pressured (used in Mexico)


Pressure Cylinder Cars

Rounded Heads. Normally contain flammable gases, nonflammable gases, or poison gases.
Capacities: 4000 to 45000 gallons
Pressure: 100-600psi


Cryogenic Liquid Tank Car

Made up of 2 tanks. Product is housed in an inner tank which is inside an outer tank. Vacuum insulated. Control valves (Dog House) along side. Carry liquid argon, ethylene, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.
Capacity: Varies by container construction
Pressure: Low pressure liquid 25psi or lower
Refrigerated at 130 degrees F or below


IM-101 (IMO Type I)

Capacity (6300 gal.)
Pressure: 25.4-100psi
Hazard Class: 3,4,5,6,8
Transports: non hazardous and hazardous materials/WMD; toxic, corrosive, alcohols, pesticides, insecticides, and flammable materials
Food Grade commmodities, liquid fertilizers, resins, sodium cyanide, water treatment chemicals, and whiskey


IMO-102 (IMO type 2)

Capacity: 6300 gallons
Pressure: 14.5 to 25.4psi
Hazard Class 3,6,8
Used to Transport Whiskey & Wine


Pressure Intermodal Tank Containers

Capacity: 5,500 gallons
Pressure: 100 to 500psi
Hazard Classes: 2,3
Transport liquified petroleum, anhydrous Ammonia, motor fuel, anti knock compound, and aluminum


Cryogenic Intermodal Tanks

Capacity: 4500 to 5000 Gallons
Pressure: 25psi or less
Hazard Class: 2.2
Transport Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen
Internationally they are called IMO Type 7
Carries refridgerated liquid gases


Tube Modules (high pressure)

Capacity: Varies
Pressure: 3000 to 5000 psi
Hazard Class: 2
Used to Transport: Helium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
High-Pressure Cylinders permanently mounted within international standard Organization Frame