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CoverGirl announces its first male CoverGirl spokes model

-James Charles
-Makeup artist and YouTuber
-October 2016

-Opinion on country on gender identity: "we're becoming more accepting in general" (NY Times interview)


First male hired as face of Maybelline

-Manny Gutierrez
-Works in the makeup industry
-Challenging Maybellines slogan "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline"
-Manny's father stood up to haters through a text which was screenshot and put on Manny's Twitter


Facial feminisation surgery

-Stef Sanjati
-Wanted to be invisible
-Advocate for transgender community
-Shared experiences on YouTube to raise awareness
-Some felt it was for cosmetic reasons
-Daily Mail 'twisted' the story


Lesbian couple hit back

YouTube vloggers received hate as people said that the 'wrong one' got pregnant


Caitlyn Jenner

-'I Am Cait' 16 episode mini tv series. 2 seasons following her transition from Bruce
-Transitioned in April 2015 and publicly announced this in July 2015 on the cover of Vanity Faire
-February 2017, strongly criticised Trump for ruling over transgender bathrooms in a video released on social media
-Most famous trans woman in media
-Received criticism depicted on 'South Park'


Laverne Cox

-First Black transgender woman to have a role on an American TV show (OITNB)
-First transgender nominee for a prime time Emmy
-Attempted suicide by overdose at 11
-Transgender activist
-Second most famous trans woman in media
-May 2014, made cover of Time magazine


Channel 4

-Kids on the Edge: The Gender Clinic
-NHS Tavistock Trust, a lot more children are experiencing mental health problems
-My Trans Story, My Transgender Kid, Girls to Men, My Transgender Summer Camp
-A lot of coverage
-Mainly low brow, educational, entertainment
-Main target audience is youth and females (mainly)



-Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? 2017
-Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids 2015
-More high brow, shows more niche programmes and is more risky in terms of content than BBC1


Sia-The Greatest

-Tribute to victims of the Orlando shooting
-Rainbow paint on Ziegler (gay pride)
-49 dancers for 49 lives lost
-After the shooting Sia dedicated a performance of 'Titanium' to the LGBTQ community



-"celebrate pride" tool
-let's users show support for marriage equality after same-sex marriage was considered a fundamental right