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- The new government bill seeks to repeal the existing legislation

to officially make (a law) no longer valid
to rescind or annul by authoritative act; especially : to revoke or abrogate by legislative enactment
Syn: abandon, renounce


The treat of sever punishment didn't deter the thieves from striking again

To discourage someone from doing smh


The college tries to dissuade students from entering exams which are not suitable for them

To persuade smn not to do smh
: to advise (a person) against something
to turn from something by persuasion
- unable to dissuade him from going>
- tried to dissuade her from her intention to drop out of college


The committee decided to rescind its earlier resolution on the use of its premises

to annul or cancel a contract or agreement
to end (a law, contract, agreement, etc.) officially : to say officially that (something) is no longer valid
to take away : remove
take back, cancel
to abrogate (a contract) and restore the parties to the positions they would have occupied had there been no contract


The military government attempted to suppress the democracy movement by arresting its leaders

1 to limit smh like a personal freedom
to end or stop (something) by force
: to keep (something) secret : to not allow people to know about or see (something)
: to not allow yourself to feel, show, or be affected by (an emotion)



law : having no legal force or effect
: not containing anything
not occupied : vacant
: not inhabited : deserted
: containing nothing
of no legal force or effect : null

2 - vain, useless


sever (break off)
The government decided to sever the relations with Utopia

to cut off (something) : to remove or separate (something) by cutting
: to end (a relationship, connection, etc.) completely


turn down ( reject or decline)
You should never turn down a good job offered to you

To refuse smh which is offered


back out (withdraw)
We decided to back out when we discovered the company was in financial difficulty

- to decide not to support or be a part of a project or activity after you have agreed to do so
- to withdraw especially from a commitment or contest
she backed out on her offer to help with the wedding planning


He applied for a judicial review to quash the verdict

to suppress or extinguish summarily and completely
to nullify especially by judicial action
to make void : annul 2


put end to
They agreed to put end to their long standing dispute

to stop doing sit that you've done for a quite long time
to cause (something) to stop or prevent (something) from continuing