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Gifts Received test

IFAC - Trivial and Inconsequential

AICPA - Reasonable in the circumstances


Tax return preparation

Both - Transmitting and preparing Tax returns is not a threat as long as Management takes responsibility for the returns and any Judgements made


Providing Bookkeeping / payroll services

IFAC - Only in an emergency situation

AICPA (General Requirements for Non Attest Services) - Permitted as long as management makes all "Final" Decisions.


Immaterial Indirect Financial Interest held by an intermediary (Mutual Fund)

IFAC - Member unable to influence investment decisions

AICPA - Member owns less than 5% in a Diversified mutual fund


Unpaid feeds

Both - Impairs independence if overdue for more than 1 year


Audit firm acts in a Advocacy Role. ex. Arbitrator

IFAC - Allowed if 1) Not Material and 2) Appropriate safeguards are applied

AICPA - Impairs independence