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What tool allows you to draw an additional artboard to your workspace?

Artboard tool


How do you change a normal layer into a template layer?

On a normal layer, double-click to the right of the name to change it into a template layer


How do you remove stray points in your document?

Go to Object>Path>Clean Up to remove stray points in your document.


How do you modify your grid?

Go to Illustrator Menu (Mac) or Edit Menu (Windows) > Preferences > Guides & Grid


To make a guide out of an object, make sure object is:

selected. Then go to View > Guides > Make Guides


How do you create a clipping mask?

Object > Clipping Mask > Make


How do you add two strokes to the text?

Go to Window > Appearance. Click on Add New Stroke button two times and adjust the strokes accordingly.


How does Illustrator tell you a font is missing?

The text is highlighted in pink.


How do you copy create a copy of an artboard with all the artwork?

Select Artboard Tool. Make sure layers are unlocked and Move Artwork with Artboard is checked. While holding the Alt/Opt key, click on the artboard and drag it into a different part of the workspace.