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What effect did the 1917 Literacy Test have on immigration?

Many of the poorer immigrants, especially those from eastern Europe, had received no education and therefore failed the tests and were refused entry.


What did The 1921 Emergency Quota Act do?

limited immigration to 357,000 per year

Quota; 3% of the total population of the group already in the USA in 1910


What did The 1924 National Origins Act do?

150,000 per year

quota; 2% of the population in 1890.

restricted southern and eastern Europeans immigrants.

Banned Asians


How was the Equal Nationality Act of 1934 a turning point in immigration policy?

Allowed foreign-born children of American mothers and alien fathers, who had entered America before age 18 and lived in America for five years, to apply for American citizenship for the first time.

Made the naturalization process quicker for American women's alien husbands.


What did the Nationality Act of 1940 do?

Defined who and who wasn't eligible for citizenship based on their nationality


How was the Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act of 1943
(Magnuson Act) a turning point in immigration policy?

Repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act permitted Chinese nationals already in the country to become naturalized citizens.

A quota of 105 new Chinese immigrants per year.


What did the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act (McCarran-Walter Act) do?

Set a quota for aliens with skills needed in the US.

Increased the power of the government to deport illegal immigrants suspected of Communist sympathies.


What was 1954 Operation Wetback?

roundup and deportation of undocumented immigrants in selected areas of California, Arizona, and Texas along the border.

1.3 million people were deported or left the U.S. voluntarily under the threat of deportation in 1954.


How did the 1965 INA Amendments (Hart-Celler Act) change immigration policy?

Repealed the national-origin quotas.

Initiated a visa system for family reunification and skills.


How did the 1965 INA Amendments (Hart-Celler Act) limit immigration?

Set a quota for Western Hemisphere immigration.

Set a 20k country limit for Eastern Hemisphere aliens.


How was 1966 Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act a turning point in immigration policy?

Cuban nationals who enter, or were already present in the United States, given legal status.

No longer isolationist.


What did the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act do?

Provided amnesty to illegal aliens already in the US.

Increased border enforcement.

Made it a crime to hire an illegal immigrant