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Where did Russia suffer heavy defeats?

Masurian Lakes


What was the effect of the military defeats in Russia?

Military defeats and the high death toll of Russians led to disillusionment and anger about the way the Tsar and government were conducting the war.


How many soldiers were lost by 1915?

Over one million soldiers were lost.


What were the effects of the high death toll?

Morale was low and soldiers weren't willing to fight.


What was the munitions crisis?

By mid 1915 there had been so many cases of mutiny that the Russia Artillery Units were limited to three shells per day.


What was the problem with food supplies?

Requisitioning, army takes priorities led to anger and desertion among soilders and peasents hording the foods


What was the effect of requisitioning?

Requisitioning of horses and fertilisers made farming difficult for peasents and decreased agriculture output


What was the effect of inflation?

Made food less profitable causing peasents to horde food
Led to low morale in peasents