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What was the Desertion of the Elites?

The Tsar's most committed supporters abandoned him


What did the Tsars most high ranking officers recommend?

They recommended that Nickolas stand down as Tsar


What made the Tsar finally recognise the Feb Rev as a hopeless situation?

The army and police told the Tsar they were unable to continue to carry out his command to keep the populace in order


Why did Tsardom end with Nickolas abdication?

His brother Grand Duke Mikhail refused to become the next Tsar and Nickolas II's son was to young


Who were the Stavka?

The Russian Army High Command


What did the Stavka decide to do?

They decided on a policy of Counter revolution and called for reinforcements


What happened when the Tsar tried to return?

On his return journey to Petrograd he was prevented from using the railway due to striking workers and he was again advised to stand down as Tsar