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Name 3 benefits to the sport

1. Minority sports get TV coverage so inspires more participation
2. Increase in funding for elite sports
3. Sponsorship for performers and NGB’s


Name 3 negatives to the sport

1. Temporary participation increase
2. Unused sports facilities free an event
3. Sporting deviance is highlighted


Name 2 social benefits

1. Shop window effect - all goes well the country increases pride
2. Legacy impact - facilities can increase sport participation


Name 3 social negatives

1. Local benefit only and not in small towns/villages
2. Relocation of locals to build facilities
3. Shop window - internationally seen may incentivise terrorise attack


Name 2 economic benefits

1. Increased income of country with tourism spending
2. Unemployment decreases as need to produce more output for tourism


Name 3 economic negatives

1. May increase tax to fund building of facilities
2. Cost of production may be more that total revenue
3. Limited long term employment so people unemployed again


Name 3 political benefits

1. If all goes well can help gain votes next election
2. Feel good factor of hosting can put political differences aside
3. Shop window - can showcase a countries culture to increase global presence


Name 2 political negatives

1. Cost and legacy - if seen as a waste of money it can loose a political party votes
2. Decrease reputation of a country if something goes wrong