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How do floodlights benefit sport

Allows sport to be played during hours of darkness so can increase participation especially in the winter months


How are synthetic services beneficial to sport (2)

1. Allows you to play all year round and in any weather so can incentivise participation
2. Can improve the quality of sport making it more enjoyable so can incentivise participation


Name 2 benefits of running blades

1. Allow participation of disabled people in a wide range of sports
2. May enable disabled athletes to participate at an equal level to non-disabled athletes


Name 2 benefits of safety clothing and equipment

1. Increasing perception of increased safety may incentivise an increase in sports such as cycling as people feel safer
2. Increased comfort of sports clothing may incentivise an increase in participation


Name 2 benefits of lawn darts

1. Modified sports equipment make sports activities safer making sports such as javelin more accessible for younger participants
2. This may increase long term participation in sport


Name 2 negatives of segways

1. Labour saving devises such as segways may decrease daily physical activity as they replace walking
2. This may have a long term negative impact on health


How does access to sporting facilities increase participation and name an example

There is an improved access to sporting facilities for disabled like swimming pool hoists so can incentivise more participation


How does sporting analysis technology effect elite participation

It asses whether someone is physiologically capable of reaching elite sport. Thus, giving them access to elite sport


How do synthetic surfaces effect elite sport

Better quality so can lead to better performance in sport


How have prosthetic devices increased participation

Allow disabled to be able to participate in sport which increases access to general and elite sport


How has sport equipment changed to increase elite participation

The use of new materials has allowed athletes to perform better by enabling harder hits, softer landing lightweight gear


How has sporting clothing changed to increase participation

More visable, lightweight and have better protection so people feel safer so incentivises participation


How has analytic wearable computers effected sport

Analyse HR, speed, calories burnt etc... so can lead to more motivation as you see results and can allow you too change your training programme for better results


How have wind tunnels effected performance

Allow performers to fine tune the most aerodynamic technique to move faster maximising performance


How have hypoxic chambers effected sport

Simulates altitude training so increases red blood cell count, V02 max and other physiological adaptations to improve the quality of endurance athletes


How have biomechanical analysis technology effected sport

Can analyse an athletes biomechanics to see how they can improve technique to become better or to see if yin have the physiology to become an elite performer


How has the development of computer games effected sport participation

Can make people more sedentary so are less likely to participate in sport


How is modern technology restricted in sport (2 things)

1. Can be very expensive and so can cause inequality. MEDC’s have an advantage over LEDC’s
2. Although not a barrier as advanced equipment isn’t essential it cam discourage general participation


Name an argument against modern technology in sport

The disparity it has created between modern sport and previous sport
I.e whether modern records should be valued more than previous records