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when scrooge sees tiny tim when the ghost of christmas present takes him to the cratchits family, what did scrooge previously say which is ironic when he begins to feel empathetic and guilty

"if he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population"


what does fred say to the people attending the party the ghost of christmas present showed scrooge

he says "he said that christmas as a humbug, as i live!"


what does fred say which shows us that he feels pity for scrooge rather than hatred

"his offences carry their own punishment"


what does the ghost reveal to scrooge as he is about to leave and how does he introduce it

- he shows scrooge two children
- he says "this boy is ignorance, this girl is want"
- when scrooge asks him "are they yours?"
- the ghost says "they are mans" and tells him to "beware them both"


what does the ghost say to scrooge when scrooge asks if nothing can be done

"are there no prisons? are there no workhouses?" (he repeats his own words back at him)


what is the overall purpose of stave 3

to show the ignorance of the upper classes


what does the ghost of christmas present show scrooge

- he shows him the cratchit family having their christmas party
- then a miners family
- then some men in a lighthouse
- then some men out at sea
- then finally freds party


what do the people attending freds party say about scropge and his wealth

"his wealth is of no use to him. he dont do any good with it."