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who does scrooge meet in stave 2

the ghost of christmas past


what was it like when scrooge woke up in his bedroom

- "it was so dark"
- "his sight was restricted"
- like it was in stave 1


what does scrooges lack of awareness of the things around him suggest

- that he is now sharper to things that arent normally visible to the eye
-like other worldly beings and ghosts


what is scrooge confused about in the beginning of this stave and what does it suggest

- he is confused about the time when he wakes up
- which suggests that chronological time plays no part in the events to come
- and as readers we must suspend our disbelief


what is the effect of how time is blurred during this stave

- it means that the reader must agree with dickens that ghosts exist in order to immerse themselves into the story
- and that real time stands still when you invisibly visit your past, present and future


what is the physique of the ghost of christmas past described as when it appears to scrooge at 1am

"being now a thing with one arm, now with one leg, now with twenty legs, now a pair of legs without a head"


what does the ghost of christmas past show scrooge

the boy and young man he once was


what is the effect of the constantly changing body of the ghost

- it shows that although the past is fixed
- it is how we use our experiences to change who we are and how we view the present


what does scrooge say which shows that he instantly changes and is becoming more aware of his mortality and what does this suggest

- he says "i am mortal"
- and that he is "liable to fall"
- this suggests that scrooge is aware of the precariousness of the situation


what is the first thing the ghost says to scrooge as a response to what he has said and what does it suggest

- "bare but a hand of my touch there"
- "and you shall be upheld in more than this!"
- this suggests a hope for mankind
- and that by engaging in the spirit of christmas humanitys faults are lessened


what books are past scrooge holding when the ghost takes him to when he was a little boy and what is the significance of these books

- he is holding Ali Baba and Robinson Crusoe
- they show that scrooge was a typical boy who "indulged in fantasy"
- and has an "incredible imagination"
- this gives the reader a different view of the character we have considered to be cold and mean


why do we feel sorry for scrooge during the flashback and then relief right after

- because he is left alone for christmas
- but his sister Anne with a "large heart" comes to take him home


what does Anne tell scrooge about their father and what does this show in general

- she says that their father is "much kinder than he used to be"
- showing the capacity for change, forgiveness and love
- suggesting t hat scrooges reformation is possible


what is the second scene scrooge is taken to in the past

mr fezziwigs christmas party


what is the past scrooges response to the ghost of christmas past telling him that the party was nothing special and that it didnt cost much money

scrooge said "the happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune."


what is the third scene scrooge is shown by the GC past

belle, his fiancee, breaking off their relationship and engagement


belle says that his "fear of being poor" has...

" turned into an obsession with money"


how does scrooge respond to belle breaking up with him

- he doesnt seem to disagree at any point
- as he seems to take it from a financial perspective
- because now he wont have to use money to take care of a wife or children down the line


what is the final scene that is shown to scrooge

- belle with another family
- who arent wealthy but are rich in other ways like love
- scrooge asks to leave because it is too painful for him to bear


what does scrooge do the ghost of christmas past after he has seen all of the flashbacks

- he "wrestled with it"
- the ghost doesnt resist as scrooge tries to extinguish the light on its head
- but he fails to and falls on his bed exhausted and sleeps


what does stave 2 show in conclusion

- it shows scrooges distress at how his life couldve been
- which begins to change his heart