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Obvious signs of death with absence of respiration and cardiac activity and has one or more of the following:

• Decapitation
• Evisceration of heart or brain
• Incineration
• Rigor Mortis
• Decomposition


Against Medical Advice (AMA)

The refusal of treatment or transport by an emergency patient or his/her designated decision maker against the advice of the medical personnel on scene or of the Base Hospital.


Designated Decision Maker (DDM)

An individual to whom a person has legally given the authority to make medical decisions concerning the person’s health care (i.e., a parent, legal guardian, and “attorney-in-fact” through a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, or an “agent” through an Advance Health Care Directive).


Emergency Patient

Any person for whom the EMS/9-1-1 system has been activated and who meets the following criteria:
1. Has a chief complaint or suspected illness or injury
2. Is not oriented to person , place , time , or event
3. Requires or requests field treatment or transport
4. Is a minor who is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and is ill or injured, or appears to be ill or injured



A call outcome that occurs when the patient and the EMS personnel (including the Base Hospital if a base was contacted) agree that the illness/injury does not require immediate treatment/transport via emergency/9-1-1 services and the patient does not require the services of a prehospital system.


Aid Unnecessary

Calls in which the person whom 9-1-1 was called does not meet the definition of “emergency patient”.


Call Cancelled

Calls to which Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel were responding but the response was cancelled prior to encountering an emergency patient or potential patient.



The departure from the scene of a patient in which the patient has refused to comply with established procedures for refusing care or transportation.



A person under the age of 18 and who is not emancipated


Base Hospital contact and a radio report are required in the following situations

Downgrade to BLS

ALS skills (except 3-4 lead (EKG) monitoring and/or initial BS within normal limits.12 Lead EKG requires base contact).

Abnormal Vitals

Impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Unable to comprehend or demonstrate an
understanding of his/her illness or injury.

Meets trauma center criteria

> or equal too 65 years of age and has experienced an
altered/decreased level of consciousness, significant mechanism of injury, or any fall.

Minor is ill or injured, or is suspected to be ill or

Whenever Paramedics or AEMTs have a question regarding appropriate treatment
or disposition of the patient.