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What does the Catholic Church say?

they agree with the view that 'outside the Church there is no salvation' but argue that God is a God of justice and mercy and will not condemn anyone unfairly


What does the Catechism say?

affirm the idea of the necessity of baptism saying that it is the Church's mission to baptise people into the Catholic faith, but also goes on to say that, although the Church has to believe in the practical necessity of baptism, salvation is, in the end, up to God


What do they want to avoid?

they do not want to 'water down' or dilute the urgency of getting people to come to salvation in Christ through baptism and participation in the life of the Church, but at the same time, it sees that God's mercy overflows strict exclusivism and the Church can hope that all people can be saved


Who is Karl Rahner?

an inclusivist Catholic theologian


What does Karl Rahner believe?

he defends the solus Christus but believes that there can be salvation outside of the visible Church


What idea does he employ?

votum Ecclesia - 'the desire to be in the Church'


'anonymous Christian'

e.g. faithful Muslims and Hindus and those of others faiths, who sincerely practise their religion. They anonymously have an implicit saith in Christ since they would follow Christ if the circumstance was different