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What is exclusivism?

The view that one religion is the only true one, and that other religions are wrong.


John 14:6?

'I [Jesus] am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father [God] except through me.'


Karl Barth (Evangelical Protestant Theologian)?

'No matter how good or true any other religion might seem, it is false, useless -- because the light of Christ has not fallen on it.'


What is Evangelism?

Spreading Christianity by preaching or by personal witness.


John 14:6? What would exclusive Christians say?

Most Christians are exclusive, this means that they believe only those people who follow Jesus, and live by his teachings will go to heaven.
It seems that explicit faith in Christ is necessary for salvation. The norm for biblical fundamentalists is that God will condemn all who are not committed to Christ. This makes evangelism a priority, since it could save people by converting them.
From a Christian Perspective, exclusivism is based on the view that all religion and all salvation is judged in terms of the revelation in Jesus Christ.
This general view was traditionally expressed in the Catholic idea extra ecclesiam nulla salus - There is no salvation outside the Church.


What are the criticisms of Exclusivism?

- If God is free to do whatever he chooses, it is illogical to say that he cannot act through other religions or none.
- Limits God's potential for forgiveness and salvation.
- Gives the Bible priority in deciding who is for heaven and who is for hell.
- Binds God to a particular interpretation of scripture.
- Depends heavily upon a literal and simple interpretation of the Bible text, despite the translation errors.


What is inclusivism?

The view that although one religion is true, other religions mat show aspects of one true religion.


Examples of inclusive Christians?

Some Christians believe you should only go to heaven by accepting Jesus, and his teachings, but some members of other religions and some non-religious believers may also be able to go to heaven.
- God saved people before Christianity existed. God will save people who lived right lives as of the God they followed had been the right one.
- When religious people die they will realise Jesus' teaching was the right way and convert after death.


Closed Inclusivism

One specific has all of the truth, but others have some of it too


Open Inclusivism

One specific religion has the best grasp of, but not all of the truth, and so it can learn some truth from the teachings of other religions.


Acts 10:34-35?

'I now realise how true it is that God does not show favouritism but accepts every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.'
Judgement is made on the basis of doing either good or evil, so it shows a clear Inclusivist approach.